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2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Front Mount Intercooler Kit With Upgraded Charge Pipes
Fits 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo Including Si
PRL Motorsports LLC
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2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Front Mount Intercooler Kit With Upgraded Charge Pipes

Fits 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo Including Si
Item Number: PRL-HC10-IC
Manufacturer: PRL Motorsports LLC
Part#: PRL-HC10-IC
Out Of Stock, 5/31/19 ETA
Price: $799.99
California Residents: PROP 65 Warning Click to Enlarge Image


Comes Standard With Water 

Meth Port!


     Our goal is to offer an intercooler setup that did not notably affect turbo lag, yet still offers headroom for users looking to make big power with larger turbos in the future. A lot of time and effort was put into developing what we determined is the most-efficient, best-fitting intercooler kit  (compatible with Si and Non-Si models) on the market with fully upgraded charge pipe kit!

Piping was upgraded from stock:

Hot Side (1.50in) to 2.00in
Cold Side (1.50in) to 2.50in

      One of the key selling points of the 1.5T, Civic X platform is its lightweight, highly efficient engine and chassis. So efficient, in fact, that Honda engineers have continuously prided themselves for how well the factory intercooler flows and cools for such a lightweight unit. Though lightweight, the stock setup definitely has room for improvements with the size of the core to have more exposed surface area. The stock intercooler is very susceptible to heatsoak, even on a stock setup with aggressive use, more so once a few bolt-ons are installed; this becomes a huge factor with retaining the added horsepower from the aftermarket modifications.

     Recognizing the factory setup lacking, our intercooler core of choice for this application is a dense 24"x6.3"x3.5" 500hp bar-and-plate core we have used before with great success. The size of this intercooler also allows it to be a rather lightweight assembly (about 10lbs heavier than stock for the whole kit), meaning we are able to offer a similar weight intercooler that performs better than stock. It is important to keep in mind that these cars are only a 1.5L with a very small turbocharger, meaning that too large of an intercooler and piping can create poor response and lag.

      This intercooler utilizes factory mounting spots with our embossed end tanks as well as all factory air ducts/shrouds. Kits come standard with upgraded hot and cold side intercooler piping
. To maintain consistency with most of our PRL product line, no cutting, fitting or trimming will be required. Kits will come with all hardware needed for a seamless install.

*Upgraded intercooler kit is direct bolt on and does not require a tune!!

*A coated plug will come threaded into the water meth port by PRL, this must be removed to install water meth injection.

Here is an overall comparison from what we have gathered thus far with our 2017 Civic Si in terms of gains. We chose the dyno runs to compare because these are all 4th gear pulls with identical coolant temps and knock values (~55%). All of these pulls are untuned and using the factory Honda ECU mapping.
  • 100% Stock Civic Si Baseline: 186 hp & 215 ft/lbs tq
  • 100% Stock Civic Si + Stage 1 Intake: 191 hp & 216 ft/lbs tq
  • 100% Stock Civic Si + Stage 1 Intake + Catted DP/FP Combo: 207 hp & 221 ft/lbs tq
  • 100% Stock Civic Si + Stage 1 Intake + Catted DP/FP Combo + FMIC Kit: 216 hp & 224 ft/lbs tq
In other words we gained 9 hp and 3 ft/lbs tq by simply bolting on our FMIC kit in comparison to the factory intercooler setup.

Before anyone says it, we already know somebody is going to say, "OMG that's it?" Let's take a bigger look at this.

Here are three back-to-back (all runs within 2 minutes of each other) 4th gear dyno pulls with the stock intercooler, our Stage 1 Intake and catted downpipe/front pipe combo. As stated in an earlier thread, this car HATES 4th Gear dyno pulls from the factory. Notice the power loss from heatsoak during these back-to-back dyno pulls. This heatsoak only gets worse on hotter days or during even more extreme conditions like extended spirited driving and racing.

Run 6:
  • Knock Value 55%
  • Coolant Temp: 178 F Start / 189 F End
  • IAT Pre IC: 99 F Start / 100 F End
  • IAT Post IC: 99 F Start / 124 F End
Run 7:
  • Knock Value 55%
  • Coolant Temp: 190 F Start / 212 F End
  • IAT Pre IC: 102 F Start / 102 F End
  • IAT Post IC: 115 F Start / 138 F End
Run 8:
  • Knock Value 55%
  • Coolant Temp: 200 F Start / 228 F End
  • IAT Pre IC: 107 F Start / 108 F End
  • IAT Post IC: 126 F Start / 156 F End

Here are three back-to-back (all runs within 2 minutes of each other) 4th gear pulls of the same car, but with our FMIC kit added. The car responded MUCH better to repeated abuse and testing; heatsoak was drastically reduced.

Run 6:
  • Knock Value 55%
  • Coolant Temp: 181 F Start / 201 F End
  • IAT Pre IC: 96 F Start / 96 F End
  • IAT Post IC: 90 F Start / 99 F End
Run 7:
  • Knock Value 55%
  • Coolant Temp: 196 F Start / 217 F End
  • IAT Pre IC: 100 F Start / 102 F End
  • IAT Post IC: 95 F Start / 104 F End
Run 8:
  • Knock Value 55%
  • Coolant Temp: 199 F Start / 218 F End
  • IAT Pre IC: 105 F Start / 99 F End
  • IAT Post IC: 96 F Start / 106 F End
All dyno testing was performed on the same day. We saw as much as a 50 degree drop or an average of 36 degrees in post intercooler intake air temps on stock ECU mapping by simply swapping out intercooler setups. These results will only be amplified when running more boost via ECU tuning. More boost out of a tiny turbocharger = higher temps. Higher temps = increased chances of knock/detonation, thus limiting power and reliability.

Though the power gains may seem minimal on a stock or near stock car running factory boost levels, gains become much greater when turning the boost up and pushing things to the max. Aftermarket intercoolers are intended to reduce post intercooler intake air temps as much as possible to make the engine and forced induction system as efficient as possible, thus drastically improving engine/component longevity. We expect our Cobra CAI system to compliment this FMIC quite well in an effort to reduce intake air temps even more!

Kit Includes:
  • Front Mount Intercooler Assembly
  • (4) 4-Ply Silicone Coupers
  • (8) 304 Stainless Steel Worm Clamps
  • (1) Hot Side Intercooler Pipe (Textured Black)
  • (1) Cold Side Intercooler Pipe w/ Mounting Bracket and Machined Billet Aluminum Flange (Textured Black)
  • (1) -4AN O-Ring to 1/4" Hose Barb (Black)
  • (4) Plastic Spacers (Use is optional for leveling of intercooler, appearance factor only)
  • Logo Stencil

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2018 honda civic ex-t
Brent King (Kingston, OH) 10/26/2018 8:50 PM
Man what a difference this Intercooler has done do my wifes car. This was the best choose she has made for her car. And she even got the PRL cold air intake system to go along with her whole setup she loves it now. She likes the power of her car.
I have 2017 civic SI, any package stage with intercooler, cold intake, downpipe?
Daniel Valenzuela (Easton, PA) 8/26/2017 12:25 AM
Im interesting