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PRL Motorsports LLC
PRL Motorsports Flight Tag
PRL Motorsports Official Flight Tag
Item Number: PRL-FT

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Product Description

Ever reach into your pocket and grab something other than your keys? Well, grab something a little larger with our woven cotton flight tag to make sure you grab your keys every time to avoid public embarassment. These flight tags are scientifically engineered through years of testing to provide the most efficient and reliable method of pulling out ...... your keys. 

Size: 13cm x 3cm
Woven Key Tag
Key ring included; attached with riveted eyelit

*Does not hold the weight of your emotional baggage.

Fitment Notes:

     Does not fit: K24Z, K20C, B18, B16, RB26, FA20, EJ25, L15, SR20, 13b, LS1, 2JZ, or 1JZ

     Fits: Reverse Head H Series Honda ONLY

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