New Coilovers for 10th Gen Si!

Spencer Melillo
New Coilovers for 10th Gen Si!

Our friends over at Silver's North America built us one badass set of coilovers for our shop's record-setting 10th Gen Civic Si in an effort to help send this car down the track smoothly.

As many of you may have noticed, our Civic (like many others) was experiencing some pretty serious suspension bounce launching off the line and during shifts with our factory shock/strut and lowering spring combo. This wasted suspension movement/energy becomes rather costly when it comes to racing and 1/4 mile times. The factory shocks/struts simply can't keep up with the accelerated forces and motions of our 600+ horsepower setup, so we reached out to a few different manufacturers to help us solve these issues.

We expressed that we wanted to be able to control the suspension with compression and rebound adjustments, not by an overly stiff spring setup. The only way to accomplish this was with a double adjustable coilover setup. Silver's NA immediately came up with a solution for us and surprised us with a speedy turnaround. We are excited to see what we can accomplish with this new suspension setup, among other things!

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