PRL Motorsports 2017 Civic Type-R Part 3 Downpipe

PRL Motorsports 2017 Civic Type-R Part 3 Downpipe

We have been working on our dp for over 8 months now, finally we can show everyone what's coming out!

Our full stainless steel investment cast downpipe for the 2017+ Civic Type-R 2.0T was designed in house implementing our state of the art technology using our Faro arm and CADD software for the best fitment design, longevity, and maximum performance.

Precision investment casting allows us to utilize a non-restrictive CLR, or center-line radius to maintain velocity out of the turbine into the 3.5" middle section. This process also allows us to retain the factory heat shields. The outlet of the downpipe features a 3" ID to connect seamlessly to both our 3" front pipe upgrade and the factory front pipe. All downpipes will be TIG welded and back-purged for optimal strength.

We made a little video of our 2017 FK8 Civic Type-R on the dyno during testing our downpipe testing.

The car picked up 16 whp and 6 ft/lbs tq with our catless downpipe. Car had our front pipe, FMIC and Greddy cat-back exhaust. (Stock ECU map, no tuning)

Our car picked up 29 whp and 15 ft/lbs tq from stock by adding our catless downpipe, front pipe FMIC and Greddy catback exhaust without any tuning whatsoever.

Also, we were able to keep off all o2 related CELs with a Fabspeed defouler. Not too shabby for some basic bolt-ons!

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