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2017+ 1.5T Honda Civic Si "Cobra" Cold Air Intake System
Fits 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Si Chassis
PRL Motorsports LLC
PRL Motorsports LLC
2017+ 1.5T Honda Civic Si "Cobra" Cold Air Intake System
Fits 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Si Chassis

MAF Options:
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Product Description

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Fitment Notes:
  • Confirmed fitment with Honda Sensing Package!
  • USDM Windshield Washer Reservoir Conversion Kit Required for Canadian Models
Dyno proven 9 - 14 horsepower and torque gains WITHOUT A TUNE! NO TUNING REQUIRED FOR STREET MAF HOUSING!


Kit Includes:
  • (1) Billet Aluminum MAF Housing (Anodized Black)
  • (1) PRL Motorsports High Flow Air Filter
  • (1) 4-Ply Upper Silicone Intake Hose (Race or Street)
  • (1) 6-Ply Lower Silicone Intake Hose
  • (1) High Density Polyethylene Lower Intake Tube
  • (4) 304 Stainless Steel Worm Clamps
  • (2) Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
3D scanning has allowed us to replicate the factory MAF housing out of CNC'd billet aluminum for optimal driveability and performance. This cold air intake system is constructed of a 4" volume into the MAF Housing. Our kit is available with two MAF housing choices; a stock-sized Street MAF  and a 50% larger Race MAF housing. The larger volume of airflow reduces pumping loss as well as creates an unrestricted air path to feed the MAF housing with ambient temperature air.

Extensive testing shows that our attempt to replicate Honda's factory MAF housing worked extremely well; we couldn't be any happier! The beauty of this intake system is that customers can upgrade to our larger Race MAF housing to make more power in the future without having to buy a completely new intake system.

Above is a graph of the long term fuel trims with the stock intake w/ air box and factory ECU mapping, or in other words a bone-stock car.

Here is a graph of the long term fuel trims again with, but with our cold air intake (Street MAF) and factory ECU mapping.

This is another long term fuel trim graph, but with our cold air intake (Street MAF) and +6psi Hondata off-the-shelf map.

Notice how consistent and similar all of the LTFT graphs are. Each graph is within -4 LTFT.

Above is a graph of the short term fuel trims with stock intake w/ air box and factory ECU mapping (stock car).

Here is a short term fuel trim graph with our cold air intake (Street MAF) and factory ECU mapping.

This is another graph of the short term fuel trims with our cold air intake (Street MAF) and +6psi Hondata off-the-shelf map.

All of the STFT graphs display identical curves and consistency.

Why use a PRL Motorsports air filter?

Our oiled filters are constructed from high quality, double layer cotton to increase the filtration surface by 10% - 15%. This causes air to move freely while maintaining superior filtration, trapping particles as small as 5 microns! The cotton filter is encased by coated steel mesh to ensure your PRL Motorsports air filter withstands the toughest of conditions!

Each filter is hand-molded using a flexible rubber base to ensure an airtight seal and absorb vibration. These filters do not use pressure-molding like other manufacturers, which can cause the rubber to seep into the filter element blocking airflow by up to 25%! Our air filters utilize a precision four-step process to virtually eliminate rubber seepage and maximize airflow!


"This intake is both configurable for street and race applications and comes with 2 maf housings to do so. The street housing should require no changes to afm calibration, however the race will need further adjustments to work properly. Current state of the vehicle was stock aside from the addition of a Hondata Flash Pro, GM Flex Fuel Sensor, and a reflashed ecu running our OTS +6psi Ethanol basemap.

Power figures are as follows. Please see attached dyno plots which show stock vs street and stock vs race:

~262hp, ~285tq - Stock Intake System /// blue dyno plot

~278hp, ~290tq - PRL Intake (Street MAF) /// green dyno plot

~281hp, ~295tq - PRL Intake (Race MAF) /// magenta dyno plot

Vitals for all runs are as follows (averages of 3 points of data except MAP)
  • IAT#1 - 92degF,

  • IAT#2 - 80degF, 

  • ECT - 197degF,

  • K.Control - 55%,

  • Ethanol Content - 82%

  • MAP - ~233kpa post spool, ~255kpa peak boost, ~244kpa @ redline"
- Hondata

Product Reviews

(15 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Do yourself a favor and buy this intake!
Andrew Stout (San Clemente, CA) 2/16/2019 9:49 PM
I could not be any happier! First off, the car sounds amazing and you can really hear the turbo! Anyone that's debating getting a BOV should buy this instead. In addition to getting the desired turbo sounds you're obviously also getting the functionality of the cold air that our cars so desperately yearn for. Well worth the money!
Worth every cent!
Peyton Start (Canonsburg, PA) 12/29/2018 10:55 AM
This intake is incredible! High quality build with a fairly easy install. The longest part about the install is just removing the plastic clips from under the car. Other than that, it's very simple and takes a short amount of time! I'll continue to buy from PRL in the future!
Just a great product.
Chris Falenski (Hertford, NC) 12/20/2018 12:26 AM
Super nice quality, sound, and appearance. So glad I got this intake. Also prl has some great customer service too.
No Other Intake Comes Close
william dornblaser (Endicott, NY) 11/5/2018 4:32 PM
Far and away the best intake. Makes every other CAI on the market a waste of money
Hands down the best CAI for the 10th Gen Civic.
Jaydan Youngs (Tacoma, WA) 1/29/2018 2:22 AM
Boy am I glad I waited for this intake and it was well worth the wait. Install instructions helped out tremendously and the product is top notch quality. After have PRL’s intake on my 9th Gen Si, I there was no other choice.