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DSM / Mitsubishi

1G Mitsubishi Eclipse

828hp / 643tq
 at 38psi on e85
2.0L forged rods and pistons, built head, ramhorn turbo manifold, T4 PTE3562, 3" intercooler piping, Magnus intake manifold, 3.5" turbo back exhaust.

Galant VR4
690hp / 607tq on e85
2.3L stroker, forged rods and pistons, built head, T3 ramhorn turbo manifold, T3 GT3586, 3" intercooler piping, 3.5" turbo back exhaust.

779hp / 595tq on E85, 41psi of boost on AEM
Buschur 2.0L built block, Buschur built head 272 cams, PTE6466 turbo, Buschur manifold and 3" downpipe

Honda / Acura

PRL Motorsports 2012 (9th Gen) Civic Si Turbo
PRL 9th Gen Civic Turbo
514hp / 410tq
 at 18.5psi on 110 octane race gas
Stock K24 motor, ported RBC intake manifold, PRL Motorsports ZDX throttle body adapter, ZDX throttle body, ID1000 injectors, PRL Motorsports fuel return system, PRL Motorsports Stage 2 turbo kit with Precision 5858 turbo, custom 3" exhaust, Hondata KPro, Competition Clutch Stage 4 Clutch

8th Gen Civic Si Turbo
522hp / 365tq on e85 on FlashPro
Full Race turbo kit, 5858 turbo, Walbro 450 fuel pump, ID1500's

2007 (8th Gen) Civic Si Turbo
8th Gen Civic Turbo
446hp / 326tq at 13psi on 93 octane pump gas, 381hp / 278tq at 8psi
Stock K20 motor, ramhorn manifold, 61mm compressor wheel stage 5 turbine, Tial wastegate, 2.5" intercooler piping, Precision intercooler, Precision 1000 injectors, FlashPro.

All Motor K-Series Insight
343hp tuned on Hondata K-Pro and C45

LS/VTEC Integra Turbo
LS/VTEC 5858
473hp at 16psi on 93 octane pump gas
B18B1 block, Eagle rods, Wiseco pistons, B16 head, Type-R cams, Supertech valve springs and retainers, Professional Products intake manifold, BWR ramhorn manifold hot parts kit, Precision 5858 turbo, CXRacing Intercooler, 2.5" eBay intercooler piping, ID1000 injectors, Crome Pro.

2001 AP1 S2000 Turbo
S2000 Turbo 6262
543hp / 358tq on 93 pump gas and 20psi. Car ran out of fueling.
ERL assembled 9.0:1 compression motor, stock head, PRL Motorsports tubo kit with Precision 6262 turbo, ID1000, Walbro 255, Hondata KPro

LS Turbo Civic
515hp / 378tq (ignore the spike) at 23psi on e85 maxing out injectors
CSS B18B1 motor, Crower 402 cams, forged rods and pistons, homemade turbo kit with topmost T4 divided manifold, T4 6266 Gen2 Turbo, Skunk2 Pro Series intake manifold, 4" downpipe, ID1000's, double pump setup.

2000 Civic Si EM1 LS/VTEC
188hp / 128tq on 93 pump gas.
Built in house 81.5mm B18B block, P30 Pistons, stock rods, ARP rod bolts, B16 head, Blox B cams, Crower springs / Ti retainers, Skunk2 intake manifold, 3" intake, velocity stack, small tube DC Sports header, 2.25" exhaust

K24 / K20 Hybrid Swapped Integra Type-R
224hp on 93 octane tuned on K-Pro
Stock K24 block, stock Type-S K20 head, open header
Nissan / Infinity / Datsun

PRL Motorsports 2009 Nissan GTR Alpha 12

1340hp / 1203tq on C16 race gas, 916hp on 93 octane pump gas
AMS Performance Alpha 12 kit, T1 Race Development 4.1L stroker (Bryant crank, Manley rods and pistons), Curt Brown CNC ported heads, 272 Tomei Cams, 1mm oversized Ferrea valves (not recommended), Ferrea springs/retainers, Boost Logic intake manifold, ETS 4" Ti Exhaust (restrictive over 1100hp), ID2000 injectors, Cobb AcessPort, Sheptrans Stage 5 transmission.

563hp / 574tq at 18psi of boost on 93 octane, with torque dialled back to save the transmission
3" downpipes, 3" exhaust, AMS intakes, Curt Brown Racing ported intake manifold and Cobb Pro Tune

Scion / Subaru

BRZ Turbo
290hp / 236tq at 10psi on 93 octane
Our standard FT86 turbo kit with Garrett 24x6.25x3.5 intercooler core, billet aluminum PRL Motorsports end tanks, T3 TIG welded 1.5" Schedule 40 turbo manifold, Precision 46mm wastegate, Tial Q 50mm BOV, journal bearing T3 5858 turbo


2011 WRX


Volkswagen 1955 VW Bug ABA Turbo

1955 VW Bug
466hp / 461tq
2.0L ABA/AP 8 valve, stock crank, Scat 4340 rods, Wiseco 9.0:1 compression pistons, stock head with bowl work, 270 AutoTech cam, dual valve springs, adjustable cam gear, cast T3 log manifold, journal bearing Precision 5558 turbo, MKIV stock lower intake manifold with modified upper, 72mm Ford throttle body.