T31 V-Band to Tubing Exhaust Turbine Outlet Flange, Stainless (2.5" to 3.5")"

PRL MotorsportsSKU: PRL-SS-VB-250-350

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Fits 2.5" V-Band flanges and 3" T31-style V-Band flanges like Garrett, Precision Turbo & Engine etc

Our stainless steel adapter flanges allow fabricators to seamlessly transition V-band flanges to larger diameter tubing thanks to our machined pocket grooves. These flanges are perfect for downpipes and up-pipes!

Note: Precision Turbo & Engine T3 3" V-Band turbine outlet is T31-style. Please see other listings(s) for T4 turbine housings.

2.5" / T31 V-Band to 3.5" Tubing Exhaust Turbine Outlet Flange, Stainless
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Adapts 2.50" / T31 V-Band to 3.50" OD 0.065" 16g tubing
  • 3D CNC machined port for smooth taper

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