Spoon 2022+ Honda Civic Hatchback FL1 Muffler Kit - Exhaust

Spoon 2022+ Honda Civic Hatchback FL1 Muffler Kit - Exhaust

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Fits 2022+ Honda Civic Hatchback


Important Notes:



Technical Notes:

Fits 11th generation Civic hatchback models.

What we had in mind when we started developing this 11th generation CIVIC muffler was (of course) improved power performance and a nice(r) sound along with the JQR certification.

Any muffler needs to secure a sufficient exhaust flow and low noise levels.
Bigger diameter to increase the exhaust flow rate, less curves for less resistance. Installing multiple silencers along with reducing the diameter also helps reducing that sound energy.

As conflicting as it sounds, we think we managed to find the balance between improving the output and reducing the sound. After examining the pipe diameter and silencer shape, running multiple tests with various prototypes we finally made an all-around satisfying product.

Dual exhaust muffler, same with SPOON SPORTS N1 classic silencer.
Special garnish for the bumper included to make the fit even better.
This front pipe and main muffler change kit provides boost up and high flow turbocharger upgrade, ensuring sufficient exhaust flow rate.

Front pipe: stainless steel, φ60.5.
Main pipe: stainless steel, φ60.5, after the splitφ50.6.
Silencer: stainless steel, φ65.0, dual exhaust.
Garnish included

M/T, CVT compatible.
JQR certified, up to safety standards.
Proximity exhaust noise: 89db
Accelerated running noise: 76db