Spoon Brake Pad [Front] (Revised) - Honda Civic Type-R FK8 / FL5

Spoon Brake Pad [Front] (Revised) - Honda Civic Type-R FK8 / FL5

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Fits all 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type-R FK8
Fits all 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5

Fits all variant models including RHD, International Models, Etc.



Made in Japan

Revised compound featuring a very wide range of use. The new compound is suitable for both street and light track use. Features a very wide temperature range, very little noise, and light dust.

The original braking system of the Civic Type-R FK8 utilizes powerful Brembo 4pot front calipers with 350mm rotors and a large capacity 305mm rear rotor. However, the factory pad was not designed for continuous sport driving or circuit use so it is essential to improve braking power and fade resistance.

Spoon repeatedly tested various brake compounds, and considered the best balance of electronic control and braking, including the adaptive damper system, which is also a feature of the FK8.

Made with semi-metal compound to maintain stable braking force at higher temperatures. Improved performance with quality loss suppression for an uninterrupted circuit driving compared to conventional braking systems.

One of the main features of this compound is extended controllability, that helps you get those turns right using your brakes.

Despite being a circuit product, based on a rotor temperature range of 50℃~750℃, this brake pad can be widely used in multiple conditions.

Rotor temperature range:50℃~750℃