Sponsorship Program

PRL Motorsports Sponsorship Application

PRL Motorsports is a brand built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We understand the importance of using the highest quality performance products available on your special build and also understand the costs involved to do this. As a grassroots company that takes pride in our products and customer service, our focus is to make sure PRL Motorsports products are in as many enthusiasts’ hands as possible. We seek to reward those who contribute to the automotive community overall, whether it be channeled through racing, providing high quality installations, creating informative or entertaining video content, offering reputable data, or building a unique vehicle and standing out from the crowd.

Our sponsorships are intended to be mutually beneficial. In this partnership, we ask that you act as an ambassador for PRL Motorsports and spread your positive experiences regarding our company and products. We look to people with an overall positive and professional appearance in the automotive community.

Recruit Tier - Partial Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for the "average joe" and is intended as a reward for those folks wrenching in driveways, single bay garages, or at their buddy's house. This partial sponsorship provides a discount on all exclusive PRL Motorsports products. This allows us to reward loyal members of the #PRLArmy for all their support!

Officer Tier - Full Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for the people on the forefront of the community, that spend every waking second building, racing and pushing to the limits. This exclusive sponsorship tier is hand selected. Officer Tier sponsored individuals receive prototype parts, exclusive products or heavy discounts on PRL products to help us help the community by testing our products. This data helps us constantly improve and provide you with a Premium Performance Product.

We would love to support everyone who expresses interest in becoming sponsored, but we do have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available. All applications are individually reviewed, and typically done once a week due to the volume of requests that we receive. A PRL Motorsports representative will be sure to contact if you have been approved or declined. 

*We will not accept direct messages via email or social media as a sponsorship application. If any additional information or questions need to be addressed please use the "Contact Us" section. We do not provide commission or direct revenue to influencers or content creators.

*Please read, fill out and submit our sponsorship application for a chance to become an official part of the #PRLArmy! Thank you for your support!