Torque Solution 2016-2021 Civic Blow-Off Valve Sound Plate

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Fits all 2016-2021 Civic 1.5T
Fits all 2017-2021 Civic Type-R FK8
Fits all variant models including Si, CVT, 6MT, RHD, International Models, Etc.


Torque Solution Billet BOV Sound Plate allows you to vent your stock blow off valve to atmosphere to create that nice blow off valve sound. There is no need to buy expensive upgraded blow off valves for the sound when you can install our simple plate. All hardware and o-rings included for a simple installation.

Technical Notes:

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Hard Anodized
  • Installs in under 15 minutes
  • Direct Fitment

***Please Note: PRL does not recommend running a Blow-Off Valve on the L15 Platform.

If you'd like to chase sound, we always suggest chasing performance to back that up. There is really only one thing that happens when installing a Vent-to-Atmosphere (VTA) BOV on a car with a Mass-Air-Flow sensor (MAF). Rich Air:Fuel ratio when the BOV opens up.

This isn't a huge issue inherently, but it does affect some components adversely over time. Mainly your exhaust system. The rich conditions between shifts will cause unburnt fuel to exit the combustion chamber. This results in much higher Exhaust Gas Temps (EGT) and cause drastically more wear on catalytic converters. One other thing is potentially more fuel dilution in your oil because of the rich fuel condition, leading to shorter oil life, and other oil dilution issues.

Will installing a BOV on your car ruin your car? Definitely not.
Will certain components fail much sooner than if everything remained stock? Most Definitely.

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