Schedule 10 / 40 Pipe 2.00" Long Radius Elbow Cutting Fixture

PRL MotorsportsSKU: PRL-TOOL-200

Sale price$149.99


Our Schedule 10 / 40 Pipe Cutting Jig Fixtures have been helping fabricators speed up exhaust manifold production time and quality for years! This makes the most frustrating task of holding an angle pipe while making an accurate cut at a specific angle.

  • Sets the pipe for a perfect cut along the edge of the fixture itself. 
  • Kit Includes a protractor to cut at ANY angle you may need.
  • Improved safety while cutting/securing pipe
  • If cutting down a 90 to 60 or 30 it is no longer all scrap, place it back into the jig and take X amount of degrees off to be more efficient on scrap when doing an intricate manifold. 

Version 1 Video

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