Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshaft - Honda K20C1

Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshaft - Honda K20C1

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Technical Notes:

Skunk2 Ultra Camshafts for K20C1 were designed to unleash the power potential of Honda newest generation K engines. To ensure durability and precision, Skunk2 Ultra camshafts are machined from forged 8660 steel alloy blanks, induction hardened, and CNC precision ground. Ultra lobe profiles are designed in-house utilizing advanced simulation / CAD modeling techniques, and performance is validated on the dynamometer.

Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshafts for K20C1 are designed as a true drop-in performance camshaft that is compatible with stock valve springs, retains stock idling characteristics and makes 25-40+ bhp gains throughout the powerband up to 8000rpm.

• 8660 Alloy Steel Forging
• Optimized Lobe Profile Designs
• Best in Class Performance
• Drop In Camshaft (DIC)
• Retains Stock Idling Characteristics
• 25-40+ BHP Increase

Ultra Stage 1 Camshaft Specifications:


Intake Camshaft:

  • Lobe - Primary Lift - 10.4mm (0.410") Duration - 228 @1mm

Exhaust Camshaft:

  • Lobe- Primary Lift - 9.2mm (0.365") Duration- 202 @1mm
  • Lobe - Secondary Lift - 10.7mm (0.422") Duration- 233 @1mm