Spoon Zero Bump Steer Rod End - Civic FK7, FC1

Spoon Zero Bump Steer Rod End - Civic FK7, FC1

Spoon Sports


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Designed to provide the most natural handling when tuning the suspension.

If you compare strut suspension with double wishbone one, there are less parts in general and the geometry is widely different in respect to the vehicle height, that altogether is likely to cause deterioration when handling a lowdown vehicle. For lowered vehicles, the ball joint height is changed, lower arm angle is now closer to STD state, and geometry is adjusted for natural handling. The Spoon ZERO BUMP STEER KIT corrects the lower arm angle and applies cornering force at a suitable angle, while also suppressing the self bump and improving roll rigidity. While, the Spoon ZERO BUMP ROD END corrects the angle of the tie rod to achieve a natural steering feel.

These products could be installed separately, however the best results achieved when used together.

Alignment required after installing.