Whiteline 2022+ Honda Civic Adjustable Upper Control Arm

Whiteline 2022+ Honda Civic Adjustable Upper Control Arm

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Fits all 2022+ Civic 1.5T
Fits all variant models including Si, CVT, 6MT, RHD, International Models, Etc.


Heavy-duty control arms provide on-car adjustability of camber alignment via turnbuckle design. Whiteline Adjustable Control Arms come pre-installed with low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings. This results in improved traction, increased cornering grip, and better tire life - ultimately improving overall performance.

  • Our engineered "Synthetic Elastomer" bushings feature the quality ride of rubber at lower speeds and at higher speeds react when under cornering, accelerating and braking loads, for CHASSIS CONTROL and improved handling.
  • The advanced synthetic elastomer characteristics ensure superior elasticity, memory and outright durability for all forms of driving applications!
  • Whiteline's synthetic elastomer formulation boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering
  • Supplied with extreme pressure molybdenum disulphide (LM) based grease (where required) for extended life.
  • The neutral (black) appearance favored by restorers and racers.

Whiteline Warranty: Backed by a 3 year/ 60,000 miles warranty