XDI High Flow Direct Injection Fuel Pump - 2017+ FK8 Civic Type R


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Setup and configuration of this pump on your Civic Type R is accomplished with a Motec ECU and Engineering Support from XDI. At this time, you are NOT able to run this fuel pump with ANY OEM ECU tuning software solution. They lack the capability to alter a few critical components, that are easily controlled with Motec or other motorsports grade ECU.


XDI FK8 Civic Type R High Flow Direct Injection Fuel Pump

This XDI (Xtreme-Di) FK8 Civic Type R High Flow Direct Injection Fuel Pump is the first and only HPFP on the market to increase the horsepower capacity of your Civic Type R, or other K20C1 powered vehicle without adding the complexity of port injection. Keep your car 100% direct injection only! This pump is a bolt-on and the installation is a simple process.

With stock fuel injectors, making over 480whp with this pump has been easily achievable.

Pair this with Hondata injectors for up to 650whp+ using DI only, no port injection. Not only does this open the door to higher horsepower levels, it allows you to do it safely with acceptable air fuel ratios.

Previously this fuel pump could only be ran with a Motec ECU and Engineering Support from XDI, but now, setup and configuration is easily accomplished with the included Hondata FlashPro calibrations!


  • For Hondata users, XDI provides a code with your purchase that will unlock the Hondata XDI HPFP Calibration in the FlashPro software.
  • XDI FK8 Fuel Injectors are available by request. Calibration for the XDI injectors is not included with Hondata FlashPro at this time.
  • Please contact us directly if you would like to to add injectors to your order.

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