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RWB Pittsburgh 龍神

Welcome to the official page of RWB Pittsburgh. The first RWB Porsche in Pittsburgh was built on August 12th and 13th of 2019. The color of the car is "Ruby Stone Red" and was named Ryujin 龍神 or "Dragon God".

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What is RWB?

RWB, also referred to as Rauh-Welt Begriff, translates from German to "Rough-World Concept." The company and brand began as a small shop in Chiba, Japan by Akira Nakai-San. Nakai-San’s roots began in the AE86 platform with aggressive camber and slamming the car to the ground. In the late 90’s Nakai-San found himself at 28 years old with a 930 Porsche that needed body work, which would later become his iconic “Stella Artois” named after his favorite beer. 6 years later RWB was founded.


 Nakai-San has meshed a few cultures: an American “Hot Rod” feel with classic German air-cooled bliss and rough Japanese outlandish flares to create a recognizable work of art. Every kit is created and assembled by Nakai-San personally and focused around the customer’s personality, character and use of the car. Customers are in close contact with Nakai-San months (sometimes years) before he is getting off a plane in your city with merely a few luggage bags full of tools and clothes hunting down cigarettes and a soda.


The process:

 After purchasing a car, selecting a kit, and choosing from a few options, such as the comically labelled “narrow”, or “wide” and the absurd rear wing options. The kit arrives in a massive box months before the build date as a blank canvas to which the car is prepped alongside and goes to paint with the kit. Once back from paint the car is assembled as much as possible with the interior and engine installed.  Nakai-San arrives early in the morning, takes a few sips of coffee paired with a cigarette while pacing around the vehicle and quickly begins. The entire transformation takes approximately 15-18 hours over the course of 2 days taking minimal breaks at an absolutely astonishing pace and work ethic.