FK8 Civic Type-R Race MAF Housing Upgrade for HVI

Spencer Melillo
FK8 Civic Type-R Race MAF Housing Upgrade for HVI

As some of you may have heard, we’ve been experimenting with a variety of MAF upgrade prototypes over the past year two years. To lay any rumors to rest - Yes, we had originally planned on offering the community a MAF sensor upgrade instead of a MAF housing upgrade. We worked with a few different companies to help us calibrate a couple of prototype MAF sensors that were eventually tested in-house and provided to outside sources for third-party testing. Though we were extremely happy with initial results, we seemed to face every obstacle imaginable trying to bring this to market. From lack of interest or response by sensor calibrating companies, to the high price tag by those who were willing to tackle the project, to the fact that Honda uses a hard-to-find Hitachi MAF sensor for the FK8 that differs from the readily available “standard” Hitachi MAF sensors. Given all of these obstacles, MSRP would’ve been rather pricey, with limited supplies, low margins for our Dealers and the high possibility of sensor damage during shipping transit or mishandling. After many months of struggle, we decided to throw in the towel and focus our energy elsewhere.

A billet Race MAF housing (and silicone hose) upgrade allows us shift the bulk of production in-house, and keeps costs similar to our 1.5T Civic MAF Housing Upgrade - roughly half of what our MAF sensor upgrade would’ve had to retail at. Our engineers were able to profile the volute and locate the MAF sensor flange in the optimal location to help keep fuel trims stable. This Race MAF housing upgrade will be the largest on the market and offers a 45 - 50% increase in airflow volume in comparison to the factory MAF housing or our Street (standard HVI housing) depending on final size, which is enough to support 600 - 650 horsepower using the factory MAF sensor. Final numbers will be released shortly, as will our pre-order release. Target ship date for this product is Q2-Q3 of 2021.

This will require a tune and is only compatible with our patented High Volume Intake System. Though we anticipate this MAF housing providing gains overtop of our standard Street MAF housing simply due to its increased diameter (much like we've seen with the 1.5T Civic Race MAF Upgrade), this upgrade is more-so intended for customers looking to make over 450 horsepower.

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