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Exactly what I Needed!

I called to verify items were in stock and after verifying the staff took my order right over the phone and shipped everything promptly. Very knowledgable about vehicle components and what is needed for different modification.

Great floor mats.

10/10 makes it look much better inside.

Great! You do need a rivet tool.

Cargo net is actually a bit smaller than what you see in the photo. Maybe the soccer ball isn’t a full adult size? Who knows. Anyways, I was able to put some cleaning bottles there to prevent them from moving around and used the left side cargo net for my air pump and first aid kit. 10/10 gives more space. Good mesh material.
Now, you do have to move out the weather strip that is pretty easy, and you need some prying tools (plastic) to lift up on the hard black plastic. Once you take that out, you put the supplies rivet bolts inside the holes and use the rivet tool to make them stay in there permanently.
Make a hole around the black plastic and put the rest of the supplied parts on it and you’re set. Sounds complicated but it was pretty easy. Definitely get a rivet tool as it does not say you need one until much later.

Type S intake & drop filter

My first mod at 150 miles. It took me less than a hour to install, but Acura leaves hardly any room to maneuver under the hood. With some patience it can be done. The packaging was great and the intake hose fits perfectly. The drop filter looks so much better than the stock, and also fits perfectly. PRL keep those mods coming!

Needed some spare bolts

Fresh set of bolts and a gasket, in stock and reasonably priced. I call that a win. Prl rocks 💪

Down pipe

It’s a nice pipe but in ct the tuner shops will NOT install it and tune the car because it will fine the company. Plus not only that when you go to emissions even tho the check engine light isn’t on it will still though a code there for you will NOT pass emissions


Great exhaust! I appreciate PRL for working with me to get this within a week!

Absolutely amazing

I just installed the Remark exhaust on my 2023 Acura Integra and what a difference. The exhaust is not to loud and not to quiet. You are able to hear the blow off valve more and the turbo out the back end of the exhaust. The fitment was perfect and very easy to install. 5 out of 5 for me

First To PRE-ORDER! Get Yours today before they sell out!!! lol

Super Excited to finally being able to pre order this. Can't wait to install this on the 22 Civic Si! LEssSs GoOoo!!! Happy Friday Everyone!!!

High quality, well made, and looks great!!

This product is much larger than factory by about half again the size. It fills the grill area out completely. I purchased the black powder coated intercooler and it completes the look of the front end being blacked out now. Highly recommend, quality made product with great craftsmanship.

Do not hesitate to buy this intake!

I picked up a 2020 2.0t accord recently and of course one of the first things I wanted to do was add an intake. I have only ever owned civics or crvs and in the past have stuck with AEM, K&N, or HPS intakes. With the new turbo generations of civics and accords PRL's name has always been on top list of aftermarket parts it seems and their product reviews back up the hype. I began researching avaialble intakes for the 2.0t and quickly cut out the open element style intakes. The 3 options left were PRL, Mishimoto, and Takeda. PRL was the only one to really nail the design, functionality, and purpose of an intake system. The open rectangle slot in mishimoto design does nothing but suck in hot air. The Takeda looked better than the PRL but again design and function didn't seem to compare to PRL. Reviews and videos seemed to back this up. Ordered the v2 and had it in my hands a few days later. Packed very well although some slight scuffs on the unit but not enough to really make a big deal.
Any review complaining about lack of instruction or any issues with install should just quit touching cars. Even without instructions this is a simple install and anyone with common sense should have no hang ups.
ALL the sounds you want more of but not overly aggressive. Spool and whooshy whoosh sounds will create a grin and giggles everytime. Feels slightly smoother as far as shifts and pulls. Looks like it belongs and once a few more upgrades are done to the turbo system components and hondata is installed this should be a highway killer for sure.

Super Easy

Literally took me about 5 minutes to install this. Works great so far but hoping to upgrade to the high-flow intake when it becomes available

Sun shade

Perfect fit!

Easy to install.

Fulfilled my expectations

Had the charge pipes installed with the intercooler. The combination is astonishing and the turbo "spool" is considerably louder. Car feels great and I can recommend this upgrade to anyone.

Outstanding product.

I installed the new intercooler not long ago and it's a night/day difference. Temps are cooler and the car feels overall better. 1000% recomended.

Great service, products, and fast shipping

VERY happy with the cobra cool air intake I have been running for 5 years on my 2018 civic si. Fast shipping on my recent purchases!

Perfect for my Integra 2023

These floor mats fit just right! I love them & so glad I bought these!

Genuine Acura 2023+ Integra Splash Guard Set

Absolute Wonderful Product

I bought this intake tubing for my 2018 1.5 L Accord, the installation was extremely easy and way quicker than what I had assumed everything lined up everything fit as if it was almost factory and the fit and the finish is beyond superb for an aftermarket product. Upon the initial test drive the power delivery in eco mode is way smoother and then once you enter sport mode the power delivery is very very noticeable driving the car in regular mode is significantly different power delivery was not what I was expecting you almost get sport mode like responsiveness from just regular driving then you get regular driving response from eco mode I've noticed about a half a mile to 3/4 of a mile improvement on my average miles per gallon which I'm almost about 40 to 41 miles per gallon right now averaging this is my daily driver it is sitting at 120,000 miles and I bought this intake to just try to improve the life of the car already take extremely good care of my Honda and I knew this company come highly recommended from the general Honda and Acura community. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a just a little bit more power but still stay within a respectable gas mileage margin especially if this is your daily commuting vehicle this is a great addition and it is thoroughly welcome.

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Red "H" Emblem 2017-2021 Rear / 2020-2021 Front

Incredible coverage!!!

These mats fit PERFECTLY and offer a lot more coverage than Weathertech even. Wish it would come for more vehicles.

Great product and great on communication

I will be back to order more parts for my 2020 Honda Civic SI .. they have great quality products and solid prices .. so I say thanks once again to you guys at PRL Motorsports

Genuine Honda HPD Emblem
Francis Heidrich
Honda emblems

Great product!

Perfect 1st Mod for my 2022 Civic Si!

Been checking this site every day since I just recieved my 11th gen Si.. lol

I cant wait for this to come out! Haha