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I just wish it came with a cone filter, but other than that it’s excellent! The sound is awesome and it adds a little get up! It’s well worth the price!

Intake on Acura 2021 TLX Aspec

Installation was pretty straight forward. Only item was the length of the tubing was off by 1 inch. If you don’t cut 1/4 to 1/2 inch from each end the Factory Air Filter housing will not insert properly and not snap in. Other than that all was smooth. Will see if it actually makes a performance change from corrugated factory intake parts.I suggest to store the original until you are 100% that you want use it long term.

I love it

Though I haven’t installed it yet on my accord yet but I know it’s going to be off the hook with massive power with my type R turbo upgrad and all my bolts on thanks PRL MOTOR SPORTS best money purchase ever 👍👍✌️

Quality materials, fitment and great sounds

HVI v2 arrived super quick and packaged extremely well. Installation was quick and easy thanks to the online installation guide. Quality of the product is top notch and looks OEM. Extra performance is noticeable and better yet the sound (pssshhhh) you get when letting off the throttle sounds great. Great addition to my build that I’d recommend to anyone.

Easy Install. Looks great!

Install was a breeze. It took longer to remove the bumper than swapping the IC out. It’s a perfect fit. No hassle. One person swap. I felt some difference in power. My car is stock tuned.

I still haven't received my order can you send me the tracking number please

2022 honda crv

I ordered a drop in filter and air flow house for my 2022 honda crv and I installed it the other day the install was very easy. Took about 20mins to knock out. Didn't really feel any gains but I was do for a new air filter anyway and wanted a drop in.

Prl short ram

In love with it exactly what I needed.
For reference I have a 2021 honda civic hatchback Sport tourring

Excellent service

Excellent service fast delivery


Great build quality. Definitely a noticeable improvement through the corners.

Stage 1 intake and resanotor delete kit


Acura Type S Intake

Good quality product. Improved throttle response. Would recommend...

Easy install

Look good after all done and said

10th Gen Honda Civic Hood Struts

These are a great upgrade from the standard hood prop that these come with. I did wish they had instructions as I had to go off of just pictures, but these are amazing quality and quick installation!

22 Civic Touring

Works great and slighty better performance sounds good aswell

Accord prl

I love it I order my self another decal


Very good quality, perfect fit…

Exactly What I Was Looking 4

Ordered the wrong piece at first, it was very promptly canceled at my request and when I ordered the correct piece it arrived at my house ahead of schedule. Thanks!

Excellent upgrade for your civic

Easy to install with no major modifications, when shifting between high revs you hear a nice swoosh sound and also you can actually feel the power difference from the stock intake.

Everything I expected

The install was pretty straightforward. From start to finish took me about 30 mins. Fitment is perfect.
After a quick test drive, I can now here the “Pshhh” sound I craved a bit more. The turbo spool can be heard a bit more too. Well worth the money. When I rev the engine, it sounds a lot better.

2018+ Honda Accord 2.0T High Volume Intake System V1

Very satisfied with purchase. I can definitely feel the difference in acceleration, and can hear the turbo much better.

Best Pro's: My MPG increased significantly. I am getting a combined MPG of 31mpg, I shuffle between ECON, Normal and Sport. I use ECON mode when on the Freeway, I have averaged 38-40mpg on the freeway alone using this, which is up 6-7mpg from the stock intake.

Cons: Install instructions could've been more detailed. Also, I was missing the 2 MAF screws, However, Bri helped me out a ton and got them shipped to me.

Perfect fit! The detail goes to the next level with PRL. Performance is phenomenal. Almost all my...

This intercooler goes above and beyond what I expected. Easy fit and plug and play. Tuning is going to be even more Satisfying knowing I have PRL products under the hood.