MBRP 2021-2022 Honda Ridgeline Armor Pro Exhaust

MBRP 2021-2022 Honda Ridgeline Armor Pro Exhaust



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Fits 2021-2022 Honda Ridgeline


Cruise the highway or hit the track with an MBRP Street Profile exhaust. It’s the perfect mix of aggressive sound when you’re into the throttle without being obnoxious on long drives.

Technical Notes:

Our industry-leading and most durable material offering, T304 stainless steel cannot rust. Great for extreme climates like snow and salt and off-road use. This comes with a lifetime warranty.
Dual Wall, Angle Cut, 4-Inch Outlet

Crafted of mirror-polished T304 Stainless Steel, this tip style features two walls of steel, brought together to look like one thick wall. It has a performance look with the functional benefits of being extremely durable and keeping heat away from surrounding body panels.