PRL Motorsports Adjustable Shift Knob (Requires Collar - Knob Only)

PRL Motorsports Adjustable Shift Knob (Requires Collar - Knob Only)



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Black Delrin
White Delrin
Black Aluminum
Red Aluminum
Stainless Steel

Only compatible with PRL Motorsports Shift Knob Collar Shaft
Please see our other listing for the complete Shift Knob & Collar Kit



Already have one of our fantastic Adjustable Shift Knobs with our adjustable collar and want to change it up? Grab a different color or material and give yourself options!

The PRL Motorsports Adjustable Shift Knob is designed to transform your vehicle's overall driving experience. Developed with comfort, adjustability and function in mind, our shift knobs are available in one standard ergonomic profile with three different material choices; Delrin, 6061 anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel. Delrin is perfect for customers that don't want to grab a hot metal shift knob in the summer heat, and provides a sturdy yet light and smooth feel. Our anodized aluminum knobs provide a classic racecar feel, while stainless provides pronounced, weighted feel. The official PRL Motorsports "Seal Logo" is machined atop every PRL piece. Each shift knob mates to our proprietary 304 stainless steel shift collar base (sold separately in our Shift Knob & Collar Assembly Kit) that is profiled for a universal factory-like fitment on most modern Honda / Acura applications with just the right amount of weight. Drivers can adjust the shift knob height and orientation by rotating the integrated set screw in either direction. 

Feel the power, feel the experience, feel the joy.

Technical Notes:

  • 2-piece knob/collar design (for use with our collar/shaft assembly)
  • Delrin, 6061 aluminum (anodized) or 304 stainless steel knob material
  • 52mm height
  • 43.5mm width

PRL Motorsports Shift Knob Measurements