PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo Kit Design Log

PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo Kit Design Log

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Pulled from 9thgencivic forum..

Hey guys, first off let me start with a quick introduction. prl motorsports is a full fabrication shop located in western pennsylvania dedicated to bringing some of the highest quality performance parts to the industry. With our top quality cnc fabrication equipment we are able to produce unique parts to fill the voids that we have found in the market. One of the latest markets we are tackling is the new 2012 and up civic SI. Knowing the potential of the K series from the previous generations of the civic, we picked up a 2012 from the local honda dealer a few months ago. having put some miles on the car to get a feel for it, and coming up with a game plan for what we want to do with our production turbo kit, we started the development phase about a week ago. I figured it was time to start a thread on the car now.

some of the features of the kit will be:
-precision or garret based turbos using the 2.5" vband t31 housing. basically any t3 based turbo from precision or garret will be able to be used with our kit. this includes all of the billet compressor wheel precision turbos, the ball bearing precisions, garrett GT and GTX series turbos.
-external wastegate
-fog lights fit
-no need to relocate battery
-fits stock intake manifold
-full 3 inch downpipe that bolts to stock exhaust or aftermarket exhausts
-full 4 inch intake and wastegate dumptube included in our standard kit

anyway, here is some pictures of the progress to date:

here's some pics of the car the day we picked it up at the dealer:

we threw it on our dyno the next day to see what it would do bone stock. not too bad i suppose. driving it though, the rev hang issue is absolutely horrible.

PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo kit design thread-2012-civic-si-stock.jpg

and some video of it as well:

turbo manifold design

intercooler mockup (same intercooler we use on our 06-11 SI kit. uses garret 3" core, CNC machined billet end tanks with internal air dividers to get flow across the entire core)

Turbo manifold "clamshells" machined from 1018 billet using the patented process (US Patent 7096583)

Turbo manifold flanges:

turbo manifold welded:

Oil feed fitting with proper metric threads for block and sensor and NPT for feed line:

Custom 1 piece downpipe we have bent for the 06-11 SI, the 2012 will be very similar:

Precision Billet wheel turbos we'll be using with the kit:

Turbo placement and fitment:

That's about all I have for today. I'm going to try to keep updating this as best as I can as I have more to show.


Have the mockup downpipe done and ready to be sent to our benders to bend up. Unfortunately it has to be 2 pieces as there isn't enough straight between the 1st and 2nd bends. It will have a flex section before the flange, but we need a solid one for the benders to copy.

Not much of an update, but we have the dump tube mocked up. 

Also some pics of our manifold for the 2006-2011 Si that we're finishing up production on.

We made some new oil drain flanges for our turbo kits. We use the Precision billet wheel journal bearing turbos standard in our kits which have the square drain hole in the center section like so...

So we came up with these. uses an o-ring instead of a gasket and is machined to transition from the square outlet of the turbo to a -10 AN male fitting.

Another small update as I've been working on the little odds and ends for the kit.

Ground wire relocation bracket since our intercooler pipe bracket uses the factory ground spot.

Oil feed line mocked up.

Another picture of the wastegate and dump tube installed with the mockup turbo.

We did get the mockup done for the RBC/RRC intake manifold piping. we still are releasing the kit for the stock intake manifold, with this option available if one plans to upgrade from the factory plastic intake.

New update:

Jigs all finished for the intercooler piping:

First production run of manifolds:

And who is going to be the lucky individual to get this one?

Just a little update...

1st set of IC pipe from the production jig are back from powder coating and ready to install on the test mule. This is our texture black finish that will be the standard finish for our kits. Its not as course as a wrinkle finish and produces a nice satin finish. We will have options for raw and other colors too.

PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo kit design thread-img_6674.jpg
PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo kit design thread-img_6675.jpg
PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo kit design thread-img_6676.jpg
PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo kit design thread-img_6677.jpg
PRL Motorsports 2012 Civic SI Turbo kit design thread-img_6679.jpg

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How much for a kit for a 2012 si coupe.

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