P600 Honda Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbo Development Part 1

P600 Honda Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbo Development Part 1

As many of you have seen, we began testing a potential drop-in turbocharger upgrade for the FK8 Honda Civic Type-R in July of 2019 . We managed to produce 460+ horsepower and 430+ ft/lbs torque on stock engine and produced close to 500 horsepower with third party testing with our first prototype turbocharger. Though we were satisfied with the results of this particular turbocharger, we still felt that we could design and produce an even better performing upgrade for the community. Here is what we’ve come up with over the past few months:

The PRL Motorsports P600 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade for the 2.0L Turbo FK8 Civic Type-R platform (which can also be installed on the 2.0L Turbo Honda Accord and Acura RDX) will utilize a billet 304 stainless steel, dual ceramic ball bearing CHRA for reduced weight and improved durability. This turbocharger retains factory oil and coolant lines, as well as the factory bypass valve and wastegate actuator. Our new CHRA is also designed to increase cooling capacity with its larger water jacket.

Please note, that this above prototype CHRA (left) is not finished machined

For reference, here is a comparison between the factory Mitsubishi TD04-T/C, our prototype turbocharger, and our P600 turbocharger:

Our High Efficiency compressor wheel is significantly taller than most billet compressor wheel upgrades and features the latest technology in aerodynamics (tapered tip exducer, cutback design on blade top edge) for optimal spool and power. This High Efficiency Turbine Wheel also features the latest technology in aerodynamics for optimal spool and power.

The P600 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade will be capable of delivering up to 600 wheel horsepower and we also expect similar spool as our prototype unit despite being larger, which was near factory to begin with. Stay tuned as we continue to post updates as they come, and test results once we have a production sample. Pricing is to be determined, but current ETA is the summer of 2020!

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