P600 Honda Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbo Development Part 3

P600 Honda Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbo Development Part 3

Over the past couple of seemingly long months, we have been working to perfect the turbine housing and final machining of our P600 turbocharger upgrade. Our design team has had to go back to the drawing board a few times to make sure fitment and finish could be consistent.

The P600 will utilize a cast 304 stainless steel turbine housing for optimal heat control, increased strength and longevity at high temperatures.

It was important that an adequate amount of material was left after machining and fitting the significantly larger High Efficiency Turbine Wheel into the factory location turbine housing. We wanted to make sure this turbine could be pushed without the chance of turbine housing failure, which we knew would hit home to racers running their setups to the max for extended periods of time.

Another obstacle we had to overcome was fitting the larger diameter shaft and ball bearing assembly into the CHRA. Quite often we hear about bearing failures and smoking with drop-in turbocharger upgrades, which is usually due to the fact that factory CHRAs were never intended to support these wheel or shaft upgrades. Our billet 304 stainless steel CHRA was completely redesigned to utilize dual ceramic ball bearings for improved durability. This turbocharger retains factory oil and coolant lines, while increasing cooling capacity with its larger water jacket.

Now that we have a handful of functioning prototypes in hand, our Product Development Team will be working to ensure proper fitment, performance and reliability. Once these units pass quality control, we will be releasing pricing and real-world data provided from in-house and third-party testing. Stay tuned for more updates!

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