P600 Honda Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbo Development Part 4

P600 Honda Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbo Development Part 4


Just because we’ve been quiet lately regarding the P600 Turbocharger Upgrade, doesn’t mean we haven’t been moving forward with this project. As some of you may have seen, we installed one of our prototype P600 turbochargers on our 2.0T Accord for future development and to test reliability. Sure, we want to offer the community an upgrade that performs well, but our primary focus here at PRL is to ensure that these turbochargers are reliable and won’t leave customers stranded.

We’re closing in on 10,000 miles hard miles with this turbocharger, and thus far the P600 has exceeded expectations. In-car performance and drivability feels fantastic, with logs hinting at spool similar to the OE FK8 turbocharger. Now that we are satisfied with initial testing, we have begun shipping our remaining prototype units to anonymous third party testers with FK8 Civic Type-Rs. Each party has been asked to monitor and provide data for us, with real-world power gains and performance being the ultimate goal. During this period of time, we will continue to rapidly tack on the mileage as we test reliability.

Once all parties have concluded testing, we will be sure to organize this data and publicly release the results, as well as pricing and an expected ship date for the first batch or turbochargers.

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