WISMO - Ecommerce Order Etiquette

WISMO - Ecommerce Order Etiquette

So you just placed your order – what should you NOT do?

  • Schedule an Install or Tune: We NEVER recommend scheduling an install or tune before receiving a product to avoid any delay in order fulfillment, transit times, accommodate for damages during shipment, missing components and/or confirming that the correct product(s) were received. Your tuner and installer will thank you, you’ll be happier with yourself and any company you purchase from.
  • Continuously Modify Orders: We get it, accidents happen and sometime you change your mind. Maybe the shipping address was typed incorrectly or you’re now having buyers’ remorse or you’d like to add/subtract product(s) to your order. – No problem! However, continuously modifying due to indecisiveness becomes problematic for both parties. Also, cancelling orders and then wishing to re-order will cause further delays with fulfillment.
  • Continuously ask the Same Questions or Corner Representatives: We try our best to continuously update our website and educate our representatives to provide consumers with the best, most accurate information possible. Asking the same question(s) in a misleading, different manner in an effort to receive an alternate answer is never appreciated or efficient.
  • Reach Out to Representatives via Personal Social Media Accounts or Text Message: We do not recommend reaching out to our representatives personally via social media or text message, especially after business hours. Our representatives appreciate the love and support, but they also appreciate their time off; we ask that you please respect everyone’s personal time. We do not consider social media or text messages to be a professional or reliable source of communication. Email (primarily) and phone are our preferred methods of communication.

WISMO?! – “Where Is My Order,” one of the most commonly asked questions in ecommerce, and for a good reason. We understand that you want to know where you order is that you paid for with your hard-earned money; hey, we’re enthusiasts too and get excited to receive shipments from our favorite automotive performance specialists. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations when ordering and planning to receive orders.

  • Stock Status: Did you check to make sure that the item(s) you ordered were in stock? Usually products are listed with inventory stock status or out of stock notice with ETAs. If a product looks to suspiciously be in stock, but you have already found to be out of stock at most other locations, there is a strong possibility that this product is also out of stock due to supply/manufacturer delays. We strongly suggest reaching out to Dealers to ensure stock status before placing an order. Please note that an ETA is purely an estimate.
  • Shipping Policy: Have you checked the company’s Shipping Policy? – Most companies have a cutoff time for processing and/or shipping. Ours is 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Location & Time Zone: Have you checked the location and time zone of the company/warehouse you are ordering from? – Placing an order in a different time zone or attempting to contact a company after business hours will typically result in a brief delayed response.
  • Transit Times: Have you matched transit times to your location, service and order time? – Though your order on Wednesday may state transit time takes “3 Days,” there’s a few things to consider before expecting a Saturday delivery. Was your order placed before the order processing/shipping cutoff? Is the item you ordered in stock? Does your location or selected service offer Saturday (or fill in the day) delivery service? Not every service or location offers Saturday or Sunday delivery, often times these are a Priority services. If you are ever in need of a specific delivery date or time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative to specify your requirements and make sure that this is possible.

When contacting customer support representatives regarding your order, please do not assume that they are mind readers. We ask that you please include as much information as possible, but most importantly include the name used and order number. If you did not order through us directly, we ask that you please reach out to the Dealer/reseller you purchased from first, or at least Cc them to the communication chain to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

So your order still has not shipped or been delivered by the expected date; what should you do?

  • Have you checked the website to see if there were any delays or updates on the product listing? It is possible that an order may have just missed a cutoff/deadline for fulfillment, causing it be back-ordered and moved into the next batch of products – we apologize about this! If there are any updates posted on the website, are you okay with this wait? If not, customer service representatives are always available to assist.
  • Have you checked the tracking number (if applicable)? – Even the best carriers make mistakes. On very rare occasions, packages have been known to be delivered to an incorrect address, have gone missing or have experienced a brief delay. On other occasions, packages have been known to have been properly delivered to the correct location, but have simply been overlooked, possibly on the back porch, under a bush or a household member didn’t notify the purchaser. Regardless of the reason, the tracking number typically tells the tale. If no tracking number exists or there is an issue with a shipment, customer service representative are always available to assist.
  • Have a realistic resolution expectation - Do you really need a full refund on shipping cost and product discount with free swag for your Priority Overnight AM shipment that was delivered at 10:32 AM instead of 10:30 AM as expected?

Please remember that we are all human on the other side of the computer/phone line. All inquiries will be responded to as quickly and accurately as possible. Also, please keep in mind that the entire supply chain (along with most others) is currently extremely overwhelmed due to a major influx of orders/inquires in recent months and after operating with limited staff, hours and capabilities for months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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