Our 2020+ Toyota Supra Circuit Track Experience

Our 2020+ Toyota Supra Circuit Track Experience

Yesterday we pushed our 2020 Toyota Supra to its limits at Pittsburgh International Race Complex’s 2.8 mile full circuit track, and the results were VERY impressive.


Patrick Linn, President of PRL Motorsports, managed to clock a few 1:57’s with our car in 100% stock form (tires, brakes, suspension engine performance, etc). What impressed us most about this car was its ability to run consistent lap times without overheating, unlike our previously raced 2017 Civic Type-R. For comparison, Linn ran a best of 2:01 with our 100% stock FK8 CT-R, and a best of 1:58 with the car in “Full Bolt-On” (turbo-back exhaust, intake, inlet pipe, intercooler & charge pipe, turbo blanket, ECU flash, radiator) form with Eibach lowering springs and Toyo R888 tires. The CT-R’s overwhelming heat-soak issues (logged at over 280 degrees F) greatly limited its capabilities and expectations. With that being said, the FK8 CT-R is still the most impressive FWD vehicle we’ve ever tracked, and is an incredibly impressive car in its own ways.

Currently, our benchmark car to beat is Linn’s personal Porsche 991.2 GT3RS, which clocked a best of 1:50 thus far. We’re sure that upgrading the Supra’s undesirable brakes to something more aggressive and tires will drop another second off the 1:57 baseline, and aero mods like a rear wing and splitter should net us another second time drop. If we can manage to get the MKV A90 within 5 seconds of the 991.2 GT3RS we’ll be ecstatic. We’re working on some engine parts to put to the test as we speak! All-in-all, the 2020 Toyota Supra is a bang-for-the-buck beast on the track.

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