New Product Launch - 2019+ Acura RDX 2.0T Intercooler Upgrade

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New Product Launch - 2019+ Acura RDX 2.0T Intercooler Upgrade

Intercooler Upgrades for the 2019+ Acura RDX 2.0T are now available! This kit was specifically developed for the 3rd Gen RDX platform and does NOT require any trimming or modification like 10th Gen Honda Accord intercooler retrofits.

2022 Honda Civic & Acura Integra 1.5T Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development: Part 3


Nick at Ososik Media and Daniel at Powermetric tuning put our L15CA drop-in turbocharger to the test with their 11th Gen Civic Si... and the results were impressive!

2022+ Honda Civic & 2023+ Acura Integra High Volume "Plus" Cold Air Intake Duct Release

This kit transforms our standard High Volume Intake System into a true cold air intake by introducing cool air through the inner fender liner, which increases airflow and lowers intake air temperatures. This design also increases intake system efficiency when driving in low pressure (drafting) zones. The HDPE rotomolded duct also helps to reduce heat-soak.

Red Star Motoring Runs 10.57 at 135.67 with P700 Drop-In Turbocharger!

Congrats to Pepo and the team at Red Star Motoring for setting a new record (10.57 at 135.67 MPH) for the quickest / fastest drop-in turbocharger  (PRL Motorsports P700), which also make this the 4th fastest FK8 Honda Civic Type-R in the world this past weekend! Last weekend, Pepo also reset the fastest FK8 Civic Type-R 1/2 mile record with a best of 161.87 MPH in this same setup. The P700 drop-in turbocharger continues to impress us and prove that it really does pack a big punch in a small package.

NEW PRODUCT UPDATE - PRL Motorsports WiFi Ethanol Content Analyzer / Flex Fuel Kit Take Their Final Form

In this video we showcase our new and improved Patent Pending Plug ‘n Play WiFi Flex-Fuel / Ethanol Content Analyzer Kit (featuring our slick billet EFI diverter blocks & fittings), and explain why this is the best system on the market for customers using to run ethanol fuel.

Helix Air Oil Separator Product Overview Video on Youtube!

Checkout our latest video that shows off our Patent Pending Helix Air Oil Separator, which will be available as a universal kit and chassis specific kits, including the 2016-2022 Honda Civic, 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type-R FK8, 2022+ Honda Civic, 2023+ Acura Integra 1.5T, 2018-2023 Honda Accord, and more! In this video we discuss key features, components and how our innovative design works.

The P700 Turbocharger Upgrade: The Biggest Honda/Acura 2.0T Drop-In Turbocharger Yet


There is no possible way to safely or efficiently make more power without reducing shaft speed or backpressure. After examining our current design, we were able to fit a larger, high-efficiency compressor wheel (58mm Inducer / 71mm Exducer) in effort to reduce turbocharger shaft speeds while also offering increased airflow. We were also able to increase the wastegate bore to 36mm to reduce backpressure and improve boost control. These modifications increased performance drastically, without hindering turbocharger response.

High Volume Intake Air Duct For the 2017+ Honda Ridgeline


Looking to add even more power to your Ridgeline's 3.5L engine? Our High Volume Intake Air Duct drastically increases airflow and attaches to the factory air box, which means that it can also be used with our Stage 1 Intake System or any other drop-in panel filter on the market! This air duct will be constructed of high density thermoplastic and secured by a high-quality 4-ply silicone coupler. Coming soon, stay tuned for more information!