Project Snow White (10th Gen Si) Part 3 Type R Turbo

Project Snow White (10th Gen Si) Part 3 Type R Turbo

So we did a thing...

This turbo swap took quite a bit of effort to become a functioning design, which we anticipated. Sadly, this will not be offered as a production kit due to cost and time. We plan to use this project as a learning tool to figure out some of the ECU tuning issues (compressor maps, torque tables, etc), fueling limitations/issues, and other obstacles that will arise when jumping into the "big turbo" game. All of this knowledge and experience will be implemented in our true "big turbo" kit that is currently being kept under wraps. This kit will be capable of much more power, much more cost-effective, easier to install and cleaner in the engine bay.

Also, the downpipe is not a Type-R downpipe, as the downpipe-to-frontpipe flange is different between the 1.5T and Type-R 2.0T. We built a custom turbine outlet flange and downpipe for this turbo swap.

326 hp & 305 tq on 93 octane pump gas and 342 hp & 319 tq on e30 blend fuel. We were very impressed with the pump gas power!

Here is an e30 blend comparison of the stock turbo vs the Type-R turbo. Obviously with the larger turbo comes more turbo lag, about 1000 RPM worth. However, the engine now pulls to redline and peaks near 7000 RPM instead of 5200 RPM. The Type-R turbo softened the bottom-end torque spike significantly and made 20 ft/lbs less peak torque than the stock turbo. This powerband looks much safer on the stock motor/connecting rods.

@KTuner and @VitViper worked their magic on the VTC tables to make this setup work properly and pull to redline. We managed to hold ~29 PSI all the way to redline, unlike the Type-R 2.0T 's engine and turbo setup that starts dropping boost pressure up top. This just goes to show how well the small displacement 1.5L breathes with a larger turbo/turbine. The next obstacle to overcome is fueling, as we have now maxed out the factory fuel system.

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