Action Clutch 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T 7.25" Twin Disc Race Clutch Kit

Action Clutch 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T 7.25" Twin Disc Race Clutch Kit

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Fits all 2016-2021 Honda Civic 1.5T (Manual Only)

Fits all 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T (Manual Only)

Fits all 2018+ Honda Accord 1.5T (Manual Only)

Fits all 2023+ Acura Integra 1.5T (Manual Only)

Fits all variant models including Si, 6MT, RHD, International Models, Etc.



Important Notes:

  • Increase in holding capacity is rated in Crank Torque, not Wheel Torque
  • 184mm Disc Size

Action Clutch multi-disc racing clutches are designed for racing applications that put down serious power. Our Twin Disc Kits feature two sintered metallic race discs, formulated in the USA. Our discs provide a higher heat capacity through its unique formulated friction mix and Ventilated 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum clutch cover design. The great thing about these discs is the engagement characteristics, they offer a smoother engagement than any other disc in the market. Our Multi-Plate assemblies offer a increase in clamping force without requiring twice the pedal pressure. The overall weight reduction provides a quick throttle response and the overall engagement is quick to get you off that line as fast as possible. The features of this racing unit is recommended for all types of racing and track use.

Break-in Procedure - 100 street miles / Keep RPM's under 4500, no more than half-throttle, no boost (if applicable)


    Technical Notes:

    • Ventilated 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Clutch Cover Design
    • High-Strength Steel alloy Pressure and Floater Plates
    • .250in Thick Discs Which Provides Excellent Wear Resistance and Offers Superior Performance In Elevated Temperatures
    • Rigid Hub Type (rigid design may increase spline wear)
    • Our Design Offers Less Rotational Mass, Superior Temperature Resistance and Minimized Deflection When Quick Shifting
    • Individually Inspected For Proper Release
    • Components Can Be Purchased Separately For Economical Repair or Replacement

    Kit Includes:

    • Two (2) American Sintered Metallic Race Discs
    • Two (2) High Strength Steel Alloy Floater Plates
    • One Piece Ventilated T6061 Billet Aluminum Clutch Cover
    • Twin Disc specific Chromoly Lightweight Flywheel
    • Clutch Alignment Tool
    • Release Bearing
    • Pilot Bearing / Bushing (if applicable)

    DISCLAIMER: Using a clutch kit with an unsprung clutch disc on a stock or lightly modified power engine that is daily/street driven vehicle can break the rivets on the clutch disc hub. Unsprung clutch kits are not designed for daily/street use or any constant on/off engagement environment. This can be compared to running a marathon in sandals vs a proper running shoe. If you were to run the marathon in sandals, you have no cushion or comfort and can cause injuries or wear you down faster than using proper running shoes.

    NOTE: Purchasing the wrong type of clutch kit for your specific engine power output can result in premature clutch failure, damage to the transmission and void warranty eligibility. If you're unsure what kit is right for you, please DM us on any of our social media channels or through our General Inquiries form.