Hawk Front Brake Pads for 10th Gen (2016-2021) Honda Civic Non-Si


Style: HPS Street Brake Pad Set
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Street Performance Compound Application

Code Compound Optimal
Min Max Torque Comments/Remarks
    N HP+ 100º-600º 100°-800° Low
    • High initial bite
    • Designed for pavement circle track under 2800 lbs
    • Designed for applications not needing high deceleration rates
    B HPS 5.0 100°- 550° 100°- 750° low
    • Increased stopping power compared to HPS
    • Gentle on rotors
    • Smooth and predictable torque
    • Virtually noise free
    F HPS 100°- 500° 100°- 700° low
    • High friction/ torque hot or cold
    • Gentle on rotors
    • Provides consistent and controllable torque through temperature ranges compared to stock pads
    • Virtually noise free
    Y LTS 100°- 500º 100°- 650° low
    • Designed for brake systems found on full-size trucks
    • Gentle on rotors
    • Low dust output
    • Virtually noise free

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