Air Filter Recharge Oil & Cleaner Kit

Air Filter Recharge Oil & Cleaner Kit

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Recharge Oil & Cleaner Kit PRL Motorsports
Recharge Oil & Cleaner Kit PRL Motorsports

Important Notes:

When ordering: Select the desired color of your air filter oil.
Specially designed, lightweight filter lubricant is designed to be vehicle sensor-friendly and create a positive (+) magnetic charge, or ionic bond, with the filter’s stainless steel mesh. This positive charge attracts negatively (-) charged dust particles as small as 5 microns from entering the filter, causing them to stick to the stainless steel mesh, which allows the cotton to remain clear for maximum airflow.



PRL Motorsports recommends visually inspecting the air filter for screen visibility at every oil change and requires cleaning the air filter element whenever the screen is no longer visible or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. When used in dusty or off-road environments, filters will require cleaning more often.


Filter Recharging:

  1. Pre-Cleaning: Tap the filter or blow with air to remove excess dirt.
  2. Apply Cleaner: Spray the filter with cleaner kit and allow the solution to soak in for about 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse: Rinse the filter with warm water, clean side to dirty side to flush out the dirt.
  4. Drying: Allow the filter to dry naturally. Try to avoid heat to avoid shrinking the cotton.
  5. Apply Oil: Re-Oil the filter using the filter oil by using 1 spray per 2 square inches of filter. Be sure to not over-oil filter.