2022 Honda Civic & Acura Integra 1.5T Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development: Part 3

2022 Honda Civic & Acura Integra 1.5T Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development: Part 3


Nick at Ososik Media and Daniel at Powermetric tuning put our L15CA drop-in turbocharger to the test with their 11th Gen Civic Si.

By simply bolting our turbocharger on, the car was able to produce 20+ horsepower and ft/lbs of torque more than the factory turbocharger without changing anything. Turbocharger spool stayed within 700 RPM of the factory turbocharger, which is impressive for a turbocharger upgrade, and carried power much further in comparison to the factory turbocharger. After tuning, the car made 325 horsepower and 338 ft/lbs of torque on a Mustang Dyno, which reads ~12% lower than a DynoJet. This is almost identical to the power our 10th Gen Civic's full Big Turbo Kit make. We are all extremely pleased with these results. Nick is now sending the turbocharger back to us for inspection so our engineers can decide if any changes need to be made. If all is well, we will begin doing further road and track testing for durability.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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loris klaus

Is this still a work in progress?

German Duenas

I have a 2022 civic sport and I wanna turbo it

Junior C.

Please you guys, give us a release date on this part. Also, anything to note on parts we should have before buying the turbo, so we don’t break our engines?

Mike H

Will you guys provide tunes for the turbo upgrade? I just want upgrade the turbo and intercooler along with a 93 octane tune. Curious what kind of power I’d be looking at?


Watch the video from oosick. They have heavily modified their civic with most bolt ons and Hondata tune. To get that power they needed to tune it further. Unfortunately that engine blew shortly afterwards, likely the tune and turbo put some stress on the block/rods. The turbo is almost ready, but as always be a little cautious on how far u tune it


DId you have any other mods on the car when you achieved 325 horsepower, or was the turbocharger the only change from stock?


Mr. Aadel, we will announce more information on this turbo upgrade in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned.

Aadel K

How much longer til you all release this for market?

Rebel Jones

I am glad you guys are working on this. I am currently tapped out in regards to bolt on and need more HP. Can’t wait for R and D to be completely done and for this turbo to be released

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