L15b7 Engine Specs

L15b7 Engine Specs

We have considered doing a built engine program for the 1.5t, but since then have decided not to further the project. Here is what we've observed.

2017+ Civic Si block

Notice the coolant passages at the tops of where the sleeves intersect. Also notice the aluminum cast around the top layer of the iron sleeve.

Main caps; no main girdle here. Honda's past K-Series motors featured a factory girdle system.

Awe look how cute! 73mm Si 10.3:1 compression piston.

The factory piston features a narrow piston skirt with a unique "spotted" friction coating.

These pistons also have quite a bit of material between the rings; A rather beefy design.

Such a cute little factory connecting rod!

M6 rod bolts

The rotating assembly can ALMOST fit an a USPS Large Flat Rate Box!

The left side is a 2.0L Type-R connecting rod, right is a 1.5T Si connecting rod.

The left side is a 2.0L Type-R piston, right is a 1.5T Si piston.

Our goal is to offer a short block capable of holding ~500 whp. The build will most-likely consist of forged H-beam rods and forged pistons. We will be working to develop a drop-in piston set designed to mimic Honda's factory piston design. This will be extremely important for fuel atomization and combustion with the direct injection system. A ~10.3:1 compression ratio is a rather comfortable number for us as well, as it's high enough to keep turbo spool and response there, but not high enough that we are worried about detonation/knock issues.

We are also sourcing/developing a proper head stud and other components to be able to hold the power as well. Please stay tuned!

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