PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Billet Intercooler Upgrade!

PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Billet Intercooler Upgrade!

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

As many have noticed, our site has listed the 1.5T Civic intercooler & charge pipe upgrade kit out of stock over the past few weeks. What we haven’t released, though, is that our team has been working hard over the past few months to develop an intercooler and charge pipe upgrade that now appeals to virtually anyone!

Our new intercooler upgrade will now utilize billet end tanks, much like our Civic Type-R version, as well as a slightly larger 25.6 x 4 x 6.3” bar-and-plate 550+ horsepower intercooler core to increase frontal surface area by 6% for cooling and internal airflow by 15% for increased airflow volume in comparison to our previous intercooler upgrade. This kit will also be available WITHOUT charge pipes, as this kit is compatible with factory charge pipes by using our machined billet aluminum adapter pieces provided with our kit. Customers can purchase our charge pipe kit separately, or pair them together as a combo to save $50.

Our charge pipe kit still utilizes the same smooth flowing, larger inner diameter hot (1.50" factory compared to 2.00") and cold-side (1.5" factory compared to 2.5") for increased airflow and factory diameter hot-side outlet to aid in turbocharger spool. This kit is ONLY compatible with our intercooler upgrade due to the machined billet aluminum adapter pieces.

We expect to fulfill orders later on the fall season. Stay tuned for more pictures, details, data and information over the next few weeks!



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