Product Development for the CR-V, RDX, MDX Type-S & Ridgeline is Underway!

Product Development for the CR-V, RDX, MDX Type-S & Ridgeline is Underway!

Over the years we've received many requests for CR-V and RDX parts, but unfortunately never had the time or resources to make this happen. Though we've seen quite a few retrofitted installs, we feel that the communities deserve better. We are committing our full attention to developing 100% direct fitment, premium performance upgrades for the 2017+ Honda CR-V 1.5L Turbo, 2019+ Acura RDX 2.0L Turbo, 2022+ Acura MDX Type-S and 2017+ Honda Ridgeline 3.5L.

What all do we have planned?

2019+ Acura RDX 2.0T
2019+ Acura RDX 2.0L Turbo
Intercooler Upgrade - in production
Charge Pipe Upgrade - in development
Stage 1 Intake System - in production
Titanium Inlet Pipe - in production
Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade (RDX Specific) - in production
Lowering Spring and/or Lift Kit - in discussion
    2017+ Honda CR-V 1.5T
    2017+ Honda CR-V 1.5L Turbo
    Intercooler Upgrade - in development
    Charge Pipe Upgrade - in development
    Stage 1 Intake System - in development
    Titanium Inlet Pipe - in development
    Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade - in development
    Suspension Lift Kit - in que for development
      2022 Acura MDX Type-S 3.0T
      2022+ Acura MDX Type-S
      Intercooler Upgrade - in que for development
      Charge Pipe Upgrade - in que for development
      Stage 1 Intake System - in que for development
      Lowering Spring and/or Lift Kit - in discussion
        2017+ Honda Ridgeline 3.5L
        2017 Honda Ridgeline 3.5L
        Stage 1 Intake System (Passport / Pilot / Odyssey) - in que for development
        Suspension Lift Kit (Passport / Pilot) - in que for development
          We're excited be a part of these communities and help bring some new, innovative products to market. Feel free to chime in with some feedback and let us know what products you're looking to see!

          What products would you like to see us bring to market?

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          John E

          Someway to trick the MDX Type S air suspension to drop lower. Saw how they do it on the Audi RS6. Maybe something similar and adjustable as well.


          Lowering links for the MDX Type-S Advance ( w/ Air Suspension) would be amazing, as would a nice intake with a CF airbox to spruce up the engine bay. Thanks for hearing our feedback!

          Terrell Shaw

          Can u make a stage 1 turbo kit for the 2016 pilot

          Jeremy Ghio

          A y update on the crv parts? Really need that intercooler pretty pleeeeease🙏


          I’ll second Armando’s question, any updates on the release date for RDX charge pipe upgrade? This is the last piece I need for my intercooler upgrade! Thanks!

          Armando Quintana

          Any updates on the RDX charge pipe upgrades?


          i would love it if you produced the intercooler and inlet pipe for crv 2018 i look forward to it

          Jeremy Ghio

          Oh man thats great news got full prl bolt ons on my fk8 pushing 400hp 500Nm super happy with the quality and performance, and have my dads crv 2018 1.5t 6mt with prl short intake with race maf and prl sports cat tuned on ktuner 230hp 320Nm and been looking for an intercooler solution for the longest time cant wait for the ic and piping kit and probably gets the inlet pipe and might upgrade to the stage 1 intake maybe even the turbocharger if the price is nice, thanks PRL so excited for this

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