Product Discontinuation: 8th, 9th & 10th Gen Turbo Systems

Product Discontinuation: 8th, 9th & 10th Gen Turbo Systems


As our company has grown and evolved over the years, we have implemented various changes to increase manufacturing efficiency, establish brand identity and better allocate resources for new product development. Recently, we have made the decision to discontinue 8th, 9th & 10th Gen Honda Civic Turbo Systems from our product catalog to emphasize our focus on true, factory fitment performance products.

What does this mean?

PRL Motorsports will continue to offer drop-in, factory replacement turbocharger upgrades, like our Honda Civic Type-R FK8 P600 Turbocharger, while also developing new turbochargers for factory turbocharged Honda/Acura platforms, such as the 10th and 11th Gen Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo (& more).

We want to thank everyone for their support. While our team is saddened to see the production of these kits come to an end, we are excited to continue adding and improving our product lines for the communities.


PRL Motorsports

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Collin Smith

it makes me sad that I just bought an 8th gen Civic and wanted to turbo it in Georgia… and ALL of the manufacturers decided to dip out of the market. It is super inconvenient and you’re losing many valuable customers, I can’t find a turbo kit anywhere. I wish I could have gotten one last year… Screw this….


Are there any Distributors still holding all the parts? I understand you’ve discontinued but for the 8th gen community what recommendations would you give for us to do? I didn’t catch it in time so now I’m behind. I did find someone offering your turbo kit but not sure if they’ve been vetted yet?—Honda-Civic-Si-06-08_p_47948.html#


Mr. Wolfe, we do plan to announce all of our Drop-In Turbo upgrade information, specs, and pricing in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned!


Mr. Guzman, with the 2.0T Version of our HVDP expected to release on 8/10, we hope to announce the estimated release date for the 1.5T in the coming weeks.

Diego Guzman

Hello all ,
I had a question regarding the downpipe for the 1.5t. I see that it is unavailable , would there be any timeframe as to when it will be developed or restocked ? Thank you.

Jordan Wolfe

Hey, PRL!

It saddens me to hear about the discontinuation. I do have a couple questions regarding the proposed drop-in turbos for 10th gen Civics though; Is there an estimate on what could be expected of the new turbos’ power (& ability to perform above 3-Bar), & is there a timeframe?

Thanks, in advance!

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