Hondata 2017-2022 Honda CR-V 1.5T FlashPro (CARB ONLY)

Hondata 2017-2022 Honda CR-V 1.5T FlashPro (CARB ONLY)



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The FlashPro allows datalogging and limited tuning for your 2017+ US CRV 1.5 Turbo. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port.  The 2019 CRV is not yet supported.  We hope to have this added in February.


California emissions compliant (CARB EO D-742-5), which allows this product to be used on street vehicles within the USA.

Important Note

This FlashPro allows limited tuning or preset calibrations.  For competition vehicles we recommend the FP-17-CRV-L15T-US FlashPro as that FlashPro allows full tuning.



Sales Market

This FlashPro can only be sold to US/Canada addresses.


The FlashPro Manager software comes with several built in calibrations for different intakes and boost levels. 

You will find a base maps that is a great fit for your car.

The FlashPro has the best datalogging capability and support in the industry. There is simply no better way to learn how your engine runs and responds than by connecting a FlashPro and datalogging. See for yourself.

The Hondata FlashPro is a product that delivers all the features you need, now, fully working, that will grow with you as you upgrade your engine. With live tuning capabilities, your tuner can now tune your car faster and more accurately.

The FlashPro is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. As a result of local assembly, extensive testing before shipping and our stringent quality control, the FlashPro is incredibly reliable.


FlashPro Manager software's advanced datalogging and live tuning capabilities combined with thoroughly tested base maps allow your car to be tuned faster and more accurately than any other solution on the market. You will love the way your engine's response is improved.

FlashPro features

2016+ Software editing


Hondata is the world leader in tuning Honda  engines and have many world records to prove this. Every map is comprehensively tuned for fuel, ignition and boost.

How will the FlashPro perform on a stock CRV 1.5 Turbo? The answer is superbly!

With a 100% stock 1.5 CRV Turbo you will benefit from:

  • Effortless overtaking
  • More torque for hauling heavier loads
  • Lowered 0-60 (about 1 second improvement)
  • Improved turbo spool
  • Raised boost limits
  • Better throttle response
  • Better mid range power and torque
  • Removed speed limit
  • No change in part throttle fuel economy
  • World Class Datalogging - which will teach you a lot about your engine.


Base maps:

This is an example of the base map provided with the FlashPro. The lower curve was is from a stock CRV on CA 91 octane.  The higher power curve is the Hondata base map on CA 91 octane.  The CRV will run on either 87 octane or higher. Higher octane makes more power everywhere.

CRV plus 6 psi more boost.

    +25 HP and 25 lb-ft torque

Hondata measured the stock CRV boost at around 14 psi. The reflash adds around 6 psi of boost and 13% torque and power increase virtually everywhere.


We've put together a series of training videos to describe the function and use of the FlashPro. View the videos in High Definition Full Screen to view the screen shots.

FlashPro Introduction

Hondata's new generation programming tool for the 06 - 09 US Civic Si, the Japanese 06-09 Civic Type R and the European 07-09 Civic Type R. A brief introduction.

FlashPro getting started


This video covers the installation the FlashPro Manager software, the USB drivers, software registration and upload of a calibration.

Live Tuning

One of the latest features added to FlashPro, live tuning gives you the ability to tune your Honda or Acura on the fly without switching off the engine. Live tuning simplifies part throttle tuning and significantly reduces the time and cost of tuning your car.

Race Calibration

Hondata has developed a Race calibration which allows you to tune with the MAP sensor and bypass the limitations of the AFM sensor. A look at the tuning principles for forced induction on a modern return-less fuel system.

Datalogging and Air fuel ratios

A look a the extensive datalogging capabilities of the FlashPro and the many ways in which to examine your engine data. We touch on the datalogging of the air fuel ratios and how you can use it to adjust your tuning.


FlashPros shipped from Hondata include Bluetooth to connect to Hondata Mobile. Now you can use your mobile device to connect to your car's engine computer to read codes and check on your engine's operation.


What is a CARB FlashPro?
A CARB FlashPro is a FlashPro which only allows uploads from calibrations which are determined to not alter the any emissions related parameters in the ECU.

What does CARB stand for?
Not carburetor.  'CARB' is the common term for the California Air Resources Board, who are responsible for determining if calibrations could affect emissions.

Why should I use the CARB FlashPro?
Within the USA you must use the CARB FlashPro for any emissions controlled vehicle.

But I don't live in California / my state does not do emissions tests.
It does not matter - the concept of '49 state legal' is not longer valid.  Under the federal Clean Air Act administered by the EPA it is not legal to change any emissions equipment (including the ECU) on any emissions controlled vehicle.  There is no mechanism to prove to the EPA that an ECU modification does not affect emissions, but the EPA will accept the California Air Resources Board approval. Hence California legal modifications are also federally legal.

What if I sell by vehicle and wish to use the FlashPro on a competition vehicle?
The CARB FlashPro cannot be changed into a Race FlashPro.  Sell the CARB FlashPro and purchase a Race FlashPro.

Will this work on more than one vehicle?
The FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another vehicle by returning the ECU to stock.

Do I need the laptop in the vehicle to reflash the ECU?
No. The FlashPro can upload either with or without a laptop.

Will dealers need a software license?

No. Every FlashPro will come with the full tuning software FlashProManager.

Do I need to send my ECU to Hondata?
No. Your ECU does not need to be modified for FlashPro.

I am considering purchasing a used FlashPro. What do I need to do to check?
The FlashPro must be unlocked by the seller. Have the seller send you this screenshot which shows the serial number password and lock status. Hondata does not unlock FlashPros. The reason for this policy is to prevent both fraud (against us) and theft (against you).


Check ECU Compatibility

To ensure that you order the correct FlashPro we recommend that you check your ECU is supported.

ECU part number  


The ECU part number is located on the ECU. The ECU is located in the engine bay near the battery. You may need to remove a plastic cover in order to see the sticker containing the part number.

Sales Region US/Canada Only
EPA/CARB status (USA) CARB EO D-742-5
Model CRV
Year 2017+
Market US
Trim AWD & 2WD Turbo CRV with CVT
Engine L15B7
Transmission CVT
Part Number 5PA-(A62-A69) US
5PA-(A82-A89) US
5PA-(661-664) US
5PA-(651-654) US
5PA-(AD1-AD2) US
5PA-(AB1-AB2) US
5PA-(981-984) US
5PA-(951-954) US
5PA-(C62-C69) Canada
5PA-(C72-C79) Canada
5PA-(CB1-CB2) Canada
5PA-(CC1-CC2) Canada
5PA-(771-774) Canada
5PA-(761-764) Canada
5PA-(961-964) Canada