What's new? FL5 Type-R High Volume Intake Development: Part 1

What's new? FL5 Type-R High Volume Intake Development: Part 1


We understand that everyone has been eagerly awaiting a better intake for the FL5 Type-R. The development phase of our High Volume Intake is nearing completion, and the testing phase is about to begin. Before we dive into the changes and reasons behind them, let's first take a look at the factory intake.

As we can see, the factory rubber inlet snaps to the box and comes up and over the core support. This rubber duct seals to the hood and channels air into the airbox using a duct at the front of the car, in front of the radiator support.

Through our experience with the FK8, we've learned that keeping these cars cool during hard driving is essential for performance. In our Intercooler Test Data blog, we showed that the car was down 65hp from stock at full heat soak. With this in mind, we wanted to find a way to let the maximum amount of air into the box without blocking flow into the radiator with a large front scoop.

When we looked at the design of the factory airbox, we noticed that the inlet to the box was limited by the small rectangular opening where the duct interfaces with the box. The opening is limited due to the two-piece design of the factory box. So how did we increase the size? By using the same method we used on the FK8 - integrating the duct into the design of the airbox. This allows the opening of the box to be significantly larger, eliminating any restriction associated with airflow into the box.

Using this design philosophy, we were able to increase the minimum area of the opening for airflow by 133%.

In direct comparison, we can see that the opening into the PRL High Volume is significantly larger and less restrictive than the opening into the factory airbox. If the engine can breathe more freely, it will make more power.

To maintain the free-breathing design language throughout the entire intake system, we have also included our typical stepped silicone design, which port matches each piece of silicone to each connection point. This ensures a smooth transition between all intake components and minimizes intake tract resistance.

Some other exciting news, the airbox shown in the pictures is a fully functional 3D printed prototype. We’re very excited to get the prototype on our FL5 so that we can test the intake and report on the results. Stay tuned for more information on how all of our changes to the intake actually affect performance!

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Any ETA update? Would love to have this for my FL5


Love the in-depth breakdown and R&D for an intake. So many companies make very large claims with no data to back anything up. I throughly enjoy the CAD designing and development just wish more love was given to the rdx. I get it that the civics are the hot at the moment. Look forward to what’s next!


I’m following the development of your FL5’s intake from Belgium. the way you’ve upgrade the entire intake.

Mike Nichols

This needs to come out already to help complete my prl fl5 build..


Can’t wait to getting this on my FL5


Still hoping for some 19+ RDX development like this.


Looking forward to getting this on my FL5


Interested in the FL5 intake kit, when it’s available can you ship to the uk or are you going to have a uk dealer.


Super Excited about this….I am patiently waiting to see all of the great options but I know this is the Only Intake to get…. My plans is to wait for quality parts and Drive and enjoy and see what each addition brings


Any way I can preorder?!?!?

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