11th Gen Civic Exhaust Overview & Sound Clips!

11th Gen Civic Exhaust Overview & Sound Clips!

The long awaited overview (with sound clips) of our N1 Exhaust System for the 11th Gen Civic (1.5T & 2.0L) and Integra is now up on YouTube. These kits are currently in production and are expected to be available towards the end of Summer 2023!

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Clint L

I need this so bad. Please hurry up with the release. Please and thank you.


Wait what happened to this product? we’ve been patiently waiting for it, but I can’t find it on the website anymore. Please update us.

john d

this product officially dead?


Is this still gonna be released?

Darwin De Leon

What happen? You guys still selling this?


When do you expect to offers for sale and start shipping?


Manny Rodriguez

Will you also be making a dual exhaust for the Sedan in the future or just this single one?

Darwin De Leon

I waiting for this one hopefully get available soon!

Izzy Willett

When are we able to pre order? Hoping it is avalible next month or month after!

Otto Galvez

Hurry up with putting this shit on sale bro

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