2015+ Subaru WRX FA20DIT FMIC Install Guide

2015+ Subaru WRX FA20DIT FMIC Install Guide

The test subject

Unboxing our FMIC kit with all of its contents

Take one last look at this clustered engine bay, because you won’t be seeing this anymore

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery to avoid electric shock

Remove the plastic clips that hold the cover down on the factory top mount intercooler

Remove the plastic clips that hold down the intake air duct

Remove the clip holding down the windshield washer fluid filler neck so that we can relocate using our supplied billet piece.

Pop the windshield washer fluid filler neck out. Please note that this is held in with an O-ring.

Loosen the factory charge pipe clamp on the passenger side of the intercooler

Repeat the same process for the driver’s side throttle body hose clamp

Remove the 12mm intercooler mounting bolts

Your engine bay should now look like this

Let’s move onto removing the bumper:

Remove the clips and bolts that hold the factory splash shields in place underneath of the car

Remove the clips on the top of the bumper cover

Remove the bolts holding the top of the bumper cover pieces on

Press in the upper bumper tabs going into the inner fender lining

Disconnect fog lights from the harness

Pull out on the sides of the bumper covers

The bumper cover should come off like this

Your car should now look like this

Remove the 14mm bolts holding down the bumper bar

Remove the bumper bar and put it aside

Remove bolt that holds the horn down

Remove the intake bracket bolts

2018+ models Require the removal of the added passenger brace that the 2015-2017 models don't have.

Disconnect the fan from the wiring harness

Remove the 10mm bolts that hold down the fan so that it can be removed

Remove the fan

Remove the hose clamps on the lines coming off of the bypass valve and boost source lines near the base of the charge pipe

Take one good look at this heap and call it bad names because this is what has been holding you back from making all of that sweet power you’ve been wanting

Install the steel brackets to the sides of the front mount intercooler using the supplied hardware. Keep all bolts / connections loose for the time being so that adjustments can be made for optimal fitment.

Disconnect the wiring loom clip, loosen the 14mm bolts and remove the bumper bar brace

Loosen the clamp on the throttle body to remove the throttle body coupler

Install our supplied 2.75”-2.5” reducing coupler to the throttle body using our supplied T-bolt clamps. Please note that clamps are numbered according to size.

Assemble the two passenger intercooler pipes, keeping connections loose. The hump hose should be placed at the connection beside the battery.

Remove the O-ring from the windshield washer fluid filler neck

Install the factory O-ring on the supplied billet filler neck, as well as the factory filler neck cap

Install the windshield washer fluid reservoir the same way in which it was removed

Slide our supplied billet filler neck into the reservoir

Install the existing charge pipe O-ring gasket off of the factory piece onto our supplied compressor outlet pipe. Please note that version 2 pipes no longer require the use of the tab, customers are to cut this tab off

Install our supplied compressor outlet pipe reusing the factory 12mm bolts, keep loose for adjusments

Install our supplied intake mounting bracket reusing the factory bolts

This customer decided to utilize our option of the Tial QRJ bypass valve. We supply Tial BOV / BPV components with all of our turbo / intercooler kits because of the quality and price point. The QRJ piece allows customers the ability of recalculating or venting to the atmosphere by interchanging threaded adapter pieces!

Assemble the BPV hose with the shorter hose connecting to it. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the OEM valve compared to the Tial QRJ… Yes, that little metal piece is the valve on the factory piece. No wonder they ALWAYS leak! We strongly recommend upgrading the BPV when installing charge pipe or intercooler kits.

Assemble the passenger side intercooler pipes keeping connections loose

Assemble the supplied recirculation hose with the single bead-rolled aluminum piece facing in towards the short end (closest to the bend) of the longest hose. QRJ applications feature a longer hose than OEM fitment BPVs

Attach the BPV, connecting the two supplied 90 degree recirculation hoses with the double bead-rolled aluminum tube. Reinstall all boost / vacuum lines, tighten down all connections, torque compressor outlet pipe to 16NM or 11.8 ft/lbs

Make sure that all piping and components are rotated and positioned in desired, comfortable positions. Once happy with fitment, tighten down the intercooler mounting brackets and T-bolt clamps.

Customers will need to modify this portion of the splash shield due to pipe routing. We suggest measuring twice, marking the cut, and trimming to fit

Reassemble the fog lights, bumper cover, splash shields and inner fender liners in reverse of the way they were removed. Your car should now look like this!

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