2016 FA20DIT WRX New Stock Turbo Record (5/17/17)

2016 FA20DIT WRX New Stock Turbo Record (5/17/17)

Last night a local customer that we have been working with over the past few months took his stock motor and turbo 2016 FA20DIT WRX with bolt-ons and e85 to the track to see what it could do. The results were rather impressive!

First run of the day, 11.5 @117 mph. Not bad for a major boost leak at ~88 degree ambient air temps.


Second pass of the night, 11.35 @120.87 mph, setting the new stock turbo FA20DIT record!

Mod list:

  • Cobb Tuning AccessPort tuned by Mikey Botti
  • E85
  • PRL Motorsports FMIC Kit
  • PRL Motorsports J-Pipe & Intermediate Pipe
  • PRL Motorsports Intake w/ Air Box
  • PRL Motorsports TGV Deletes
  • PRL Motorsports EGR Deletes
  • CNT Racing Catback Exhaust

It's impressive to see how well FA20DIT cars respond to simple bolt-ons and ethanol with such a small turbocharger. Congrats to everyone involved with pushing this platform further, we look forward to watching this platform continue to evolve!

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