2016 FA20DIT WRX New Stock Turbo Record (9/12/16)

2016 FA20DIT WRX New Stock Turbo Record (9/12/16)

Roly Rolando, Mikey Botti and Dave Klocek holding down the stock turbo 1/4 mile record in Byron, IL Annual Subaru Nationals with the full PRL Motorsports product line equipped 430 hp / 491 tq 2015 FA20DIT WRX. 11.4 @ 119 mph with multiple 11.4 / 11.5, the proof is in the pudding! 100% untouched stock motor, drive train (except for clutch) and turbo with nothing more than off the shelf bolt-on parts! This could be you!

Yet another PRL car leading the way in performance with backed up results!

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Mod List:

PRL Motorsports Stock Replacement Turbo IWG Manifold
PRL Motorsports FMIC Kit
PRL Intermediate Pipe
PRL Motorsports J-pipe
PRL Motorsports TGV & EGR deletes
PRL Motorsports Intake w/ Airbox
IAG Performance "street" AOS
Nameless Performance BPV
Company 23 Anti-Surge EBCS
AEM 320lph Fuel Pump
Radium Engineering Feed Line
ACT 6-Puck Clutch
ACT street lite flywheel
Velox Motorsports Billet Clutch Fork

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