9th Gen Fuel Pump Install

9th Gen Fuel Pump Install

After determining what fuel pump will work with the new 9th gen civics, we figured we would do a write up for you guys on how to install the DW65c fuel pump from Deatschwerks. Right now, they are the only manufacturer that has a pump that is a direct replacement for the 9th gen pump. Walbro doesn't have one released yet that will drop right in the factory sending unit.

Anyway, here you go:

Tools needed:

Needle nose pliers
Small screwdriver or pick set(harbor freight picks are cheap and great for this)
10mm socket
12mm socket
Philips screwdriver
Hammer and large straight edge screwdriver or Honda fuel pump removal tool

Pump assembly removal

--Fold down rear seats and remove 3 bolts from the smaller 40% seat back (12mm), remove from car. make sure you have a nice place to put everything to keep them clean!

--Take bolt from the right out, and bolt that goes through pivot point from the left seat (12mm), remove seat and set aside.

--Remove 10mm bolt for bottom of seat. You can access the pump without removing the rear seat bottom, but it keeps from getting gas on the seat when you pull it out of the car.

--Pull up slighlty on front of seat and pull black tabs towards you on both sides in front of lower seat cushion and lift seat upwards to remove.

--Remove spare tire cover.

--Remove 4 12mm bolts for metal bracket blocking the fuel pump access cover.

--Remove 4 phillips heads to lift access cover and gain access to fuel pump assembly.

--Unplug wiring connector for fuel pump by squezing tab and lifting upwards while wiggling. Set aside access panel.

--Remove fuel feed line, push together white tabs and pull back on black line to separate from sending unit.

--Remove Evap vent line, push together green tabs with 2 90 degree picks or small screwdrivers and pull back on line to separate from sending unit.

--Remove sending unit retaining ring using "sending unit removal tool". Honda does actually have a special tool for this, but you can remove it using a large screwdriver and a hammer. Most people aren't going to spring for a fuel pump removal tool to do this. start by tapping on the fuel pump retaining ring so it loosens the ring in a counter clockwise direction. it's essentially just a large plastic nut holding the pump down. local auto parts stores also carry a fuel pump retaining ring removal tool for $20-$30.

--once you have the retaining ring loose enough you can remove it by hand and the fuel pump assembly will pop up.

--pull the complete sending unit straight out of tank and rotate and tilt the unit to clear the fuel level float.

-- remove large rubber o-ring so it doesn't fall into the tank.

Pump install

--remove 2 circlips on bottom of spring loaded shafts using a small screwdriver. be very careful not to lose.

--unclip fuel feed hose and wires from fuel level float and slide lower basket off of the top plate shafts.

--unplug wiring connector for fuel pump.

--release 3 clips holding pump/filter assembly into lower basket. one is removed by just prying up using a screwdriver or pick, the other 2 are a little more challenging. there is a tab that needs lifted in the center while two outer tabs are squeezed together and pushed upwards. a second hand is useful to get it done, but it can be done by yourself. see the pics for where to lift and where to squeeze.

--once 3 clips are released, slide pump/filer assembly out of lower basket.

--release 3 clips holding pump into filter assembly. once released, slide pump assembly out of filter housing. it will take some force to get it out because of the tension from the o-ring on the top of the pump.

--next, we need to remove the pickup sock from the bottom of the pump by using a small pick to pry between the pump and the metal tab. the metal tab locks onto the stud on the bottom of the fuel pump. the metal clip and the plastic are molded together, but if they come apart, don't be alarmed, the way that everything clips together if the metal tab comes undone from the plastic, the assembly will be held together when you reassemble the pump into the filter housing. we're working to find a new replacement sock for the bottom of the pump, but unfortunately honda does not sell that sock separate.

--remove the factory o-ring and plastic spacer from the stock fuel pump.

--assemble the sock onto the fuel pump by firmly pressing the metal tab over the stud on the center of the pump. install plastic spacer and factory o-ring onto new pump. If your car is high mileage, now would be a good time to replace the fuel filter which comes with this new o-ring. the filter kit from honda is almost a complete fuel pump assembly without a pump.

--put a dab of oil on the o-ring and slide the pump assembly into the filter housing and snap the lower socks 3 tabs over the filter housing.

--drop the pump/filter assembly into the lower basket and snap the 3 clips into place to hold it.

--re-connect fuel pump connector to the pump.

--slide the lower basket over steel rods, making sure spring is in proper place and reinstall the circlips using needle nose pliers.

--make sure all wires and hoses are routed through their proper clips as shown.

Reinstall the pump into the car in reverse order above.

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