A90 MKV Toyota Supra Product Development - Intake & Charge Pipe Upgrade

A90 MKV Toyota Supra Product Development - Intake & Charge Pipe Upgrade

We have been working on a few goodies for the MKV A90 Supra over the past few months. Here’s a sneak peak of the intake system and charge pipe kit we’ve designed!

Our Silicone Inlet Hose Upgrade Kit is designed to replace the restrictive corrugated factory hose with a stronger, larger diameter, smoother flower 4-ply silicone hose. We increased the compressor inlet diameter by 30% and maintained a long, smooth transition to 87mm at the outlet of the air box. This kit utilizes a 62mm compressor inlet flange to allow maximum airflow to the stock turbocharger and any drop-in turbocharger upgrade. (For reference, a 35R-sized turbocharger utilizes a 62mm inlet.) The inlet flange smoothly transitions from 74mm to 62mm over a 32mm length to reduce turbulence. Also, our kit removes factory air dampeners/silencers, so customers can expect to hear more audible intake noise.

Please note that this kit does eliminate the integrated CCV valve, so a tune is required.

Silicone Inlet Hose Upgrade Kit can be purchased separately or paired with our Drop-In Panel Filter Upgrade for optimal performance, this combination with constitute our Stage 1 Intake System.

Intake Inlet ID

  • OEM 84mm
  • PRL 87mm

Intake Outlet ID

  • OEM 51mm
  • PRL 62mm

Over the years BMW’s plastic charge tubing have become known for failure due to age and excessive heat. Our Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit is designed to replace the problematic factory unit with our direct bolt-on, 1-piece upgrade. This kit utilizes 3.00” OD .065” wall aluminum tubing, a billet compressor outlet flange and a 4-ply silicone hose connector for optimal airflow and strength. The inlet flange transitions from the factory 48 mm compressor outlet to 56 mm over a 10 mm span, which reduces a step, then smoothly tapers the 73 mm ID of the 3.00” tubing. Kits will come standard with an integrated methanol injection bung and sleek sensor billet flange location.

No tune required!

Charge Pipe Inlet ID

  • OEM 52mm
  • PRL 56mm

Charge Pipe Outlet ID

  • OEM 65mm
  • PRL 73mm

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