FA20DIT Charge Pipe Kit Installation

FA20DIT Charge Pipe Kit Installation

FA20DIT Charge Pipe Kit (2015+ WRX and 2014+ Forester)

What you should see when you open the box:

First, pop the two plastic tabs for the air duct off with a flathead screwdriver.
Your engine bay should now look like this.

Loosen the two 10mm bolts on top of the fan to remove the fan. Make sure to disconnect the fan wiring clip at the bottom of the fan before completely removing the fan!
Loosen the clamp at the throttle body end of the charge pipe.
Locate the two 12mm bolts at the end of the charge pipe near the turbo and remove them with an extension or series of extensions.

Remove the three vacuum/boost lines near the BPV to give accessibility.
So it should look like this.
Remove the clamp at the recirc portion of the BPV to remove the factory charge pipe assembly as so
Quick comparison
Be sure to install a gasket the flange of the lower charge pipe. It is usually okay to reuse the factory gasket.
Assemble your new recirc hose with the 45 degree end attached to the with bead-rolled aluminum piece like so:
Install that piece to the factory location keeping the clamps loose for any rotation needed:
Reroute the supplied vacuum line to factory locations
Assemble the lower charge pipe piece with the BPV hose, keep clamps loose for any needed rotation.
Attach the lower charge pipe piece, tightening down any loose connections. Tighten the 12mm bolts to 16NM or 11.8 ft /lbs.
Install the upper charge pipe, checking for clearance. There will be some wiggle room and the pipes can slide in and out of both couplers to allow any needed space changes.

The charge pipe kit should fit like this:


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