Hondata Tests PRL Intake Performance Gains (Cobra)

Hondata Tests PRL Intake Performance Gains (Cobra)


Prior to installing the PRL Intake for our 2017 Civic Si, we wanted to obtain baseline values to give a scientific back to back comparison. This intake is both configurable for street and race applications and comes with 2 maf housings to do so. The street housing should require no changes to afm calibration, however the race will need further adjustments to work properly. Current state of the vehicle was stock aside from the addition of a Hondata Flash Pro, GM Flex Fuel Sensor, and a reflashed ecu running our OTS +6psi Ethanol basemap.

As delivered the car baselined on our dynapack at ~262hp ~285tq with our OTS +6psi Ethanol basemap. Once the base numbers were in, the next step was to install the intake and retest accordlindy. Install went smoothly as advertised, no other modifications needed. Install time was less than a hour.

A brief summary of dyno testing vitals and figures are all listed below. Note that between each test, a cool down was conducted for consistency.

Vitals for all runs are as follows (averages of 3 points of data except MAP)

  • IAT#1 - 92degF,
  • IAT#2 - 80degF,
  • ECT - 197degF,
  • K.Control - 55%,
  • Ethanol Content - 82%
  • MAP - ~233kpa post spool, ~255kpa peak boost, ~244kpa @ redline

Power figures are as follows. Please see attached dyno plots which show stock vs street and stock vs race:

~262hp, ~285tq - Stock Intake System /// blue dyno plot

~278hp, ~290tq - PRL Intake (Street MAF) /// green dyno plot

~281hp, ~295tq - PRL Intake (Race MAF) /// magenta dyno plot

Post install driving felt the same as stock besides the extra power gained. You can also clearly hear the turbo spool which for most is a added driving experience of owning a turbocharged vehicle.

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