PRL Brings Home a 2022 11th Gen Civic Si

PRL Brings Home a 2022 11th Gen Civic Si

Our team was lucky enough to bring home a Sonic Gray Pearl 2022 Civic Si this morning, and woah, what a great car! Though we weren't dissatisfied with the previous 10th Gen Civic chassis, Honda has definitely made a ton of obvious improvements with the 11th Gen chassis. The ride quality, fit/finish quality, drivetrain feel (the gearbox feels fantastic) and "butt-dyno" performance have all been notably improved.

We plan to back these claims up shortly with dyno testing, but the improved turbocharger spool and top-end power is very apparent on the road.

We're ecstatic to see what this platform is capable of. And yes, for those wondering all of our 11th Gen products such as the Resonator Delete Kit, Heritage Strut Bar, intercooler, charge pipe, downpipe, front pipe, Stage 1 Intake (silicone hose and panel filter) and flex fuel kit (once flex fuel tuning support is available for the Si) previously developed on our 2022 Civic EX 1.5T are also compatible with the Si Model. Stay tuned to see what else we come up with! :thumbsup:

PRL Motorsports 2022 Honda Civic Si 11th Gen Sonic Gray Pearl

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