PRL Motorsports 2015+WRX Product Line Gains

PRL Motorsports 2015+WRX Product Line Gains

With the recent release of our new product line for the 2015+ WRX we decided to hit the dyno with a local customer's bone stock WRX.

We installed a 3" ETS dual exit exhaust and Cobb Accessport with a Stage 1 flash for testing. It only made sense to us to test on Stage 1 because some it was a happy medium for stock, Stage 1 and 2. It also showed that gains could still be made without a Stage 2 flash.

We dynod the Stage 1 flash with the exhaust for a consistent baseline.

255 hp / 275 tq

First we installed the midpipe which bolts to the cat-back exhaust and factory primary cat. The gains were substantial!

268 hp / 298 tq

Peak Gains:13 hp / 18 tq
Midrange Gains: 15-20 hp and tq

Next we installed the J-Pipe to delete the factory primary cat. We were happy with the power it gained again, but the J-Pipe really needed a Pro Tune to make power due to the computer learning that the cat was gone and slowly pulling back some power to compensate.

267hp / 306 Tq

Peak Gains: 13 hp / 33 tq
Midrange Gains: 15 - 30 hp and tq
(Numbers compared to the baseline pull without midpipe)

Finally we installed our charge pipe kit. The results were most surprising to us

286 hp / 330 tq

Peak Gains: 17 hp and 25 tq
Midrange Gains: 10 - 30 hp and tq
(Numbers compared to the J-Pipe/Midpipe graph)
Air intake temps were a consistent 79 degrees on the street under boost, even after numerous pulls. We also experienced an increase of 1.5psi - 2psi increased boost levels at peak.

Performed a few Stage 2 pulls out of curiosity with the J-pipe and midpipe installed, and a few more Stage 2 pulls after the charge pipe kit was installed.

Not much of a gain from Stage 1 to Stage 2 with our charge pipes installed

A Pro Tune would really squeeze the most out of these mods (of course), but our testing shows that substantial power gains can be had with these simple bolt-on parts.

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