PRL Motorsports Throttle Body Adapter Vs Competitor

PRL Motorsports Throttle Body Adapter Vs Competitor

A handful of requests to port-match a competitor's ZDX throttle body to RBC intake manifold adapter left us scratching our heads as to why anyone would purchase a product of such quality when both products are roughly the same price.

Our kit (the anodized gray kit) shown below is intended to be a direct bolt on kit, including an OEM Honda gasket, O-ringed adapter flange (for the opposite side), properly aligned / recessed holes and plated hardware that doesn't rust.

The competitor's "kit" includes a poorly machined flange with holes that aren't machined and aligned correctly, cheap hardware and no gaskets or O-rings, which leave the customer to find a way to seal both surfaces.

Keep in mind that the factory bore of the RBC intake manifold is much smaller than the 70mm bore of the ZDX throttle body, which is why our adapters are intended to be used with a port-matched intake manifold. The competitor's adapter tapers from throttle body bore to intake manifold bore (poorly) to create a band-aid which forces a larger amount of air through a smaller hole, creating a bottleneck which harms performance gains.

We try to avoid putting companies on blast like this, so we will keep them anonymous. However, when requests like this come in causing customers to spend even more money modifying the product to make it fit and perform as it was designed to do, something must be said.

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